When Football Stars Get Angry - Furious Moments
Another episode of Football Fights & Angry Moments featuring Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr and many more footballers!

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  • Aztecax

    Ive seen toddlers fight better than football players .. This shit is hilarious

  • Alex Raba
    Alex Raba

    Ascultati la mine: Nu trebuie sa se mai numeasca fotbal, ar fi trebuit sa se numeasca KARATE KID!

  • bindra Rai
    bindra Rai

    Come to see Messi only😍

  • Abhijeet Tiwari
    Abhijeet Tiwari

    6:47 can anyone tell me teams name Please

    • Abhijeet Tiwari
      Abhijeet Tiwari

      @Mohammed Haider ok

    • Mohammed Haider
      Mohammed Haider

      @Abhijeet Tiwari oh ok sorry bro it’s ok man

    • Abhijeet Tiwari
      Abhijeet Tiwari

      @Mohammed Haider I don't watch football matches bro But I watch football moments By the way thanks

    • Mohammed Haider
      Mohammed Haider

      Bruh how you not know it’s Germany vs netherland

  • Willian Q
    Willian Q

    Grenal sempre bom kkkk

  • Chandrashekhar Azad
    Chandrashekhar Azad

    AZADAL260EF 💯 8

  • ستوريات شۨــهٞڪـهٞ
    ستوريات شۨــهٞڪـهٞ

    """دقيقه من وقتك ترحم علئ جميع الشهداء العراق😢🇮🇶""""""

  • TFS gaming t fs
    TFS gaming t fs


  • Yash Kaimariya
    Yash Kaimariya

    6:34 i was literally shocked, i thought what de jong is doing in opposite team 😂😂

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  • niels erik h. christensen
    niels erik h. christensen

    Not only they have to play football. They are also good actors. 👍👍👍👍👍👍😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • niels erik h. christensen
    niels erik h. christensen

    That is what football are for. A lot of young men with to much testosteron. 😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Nam Fredric
    Nam Fredric

    9:09 best one 😂😂😂



  • Aj status
    Aj status


  • paolo burberi
    paolo burberi

    animali bestie da buttare fuori

  • All in 5
    All in 5

    Player that have been fouled:Laying on the ground Other Players:Fighting That Player:Someone pick me up Audience: deufgefsjhfgweufwedfwuigedfawedfgw

  • A J
    A J

    Ramos Legends of Red And Yellow Card

  • Rafael Enrique Agurto Condezo
    Rafael Enrique Agurto Condezo

    Neymar lloron jajaja pega como nena y cuando lo sancionan mete el racismo :V

  • abdelhalim DZ
    abdelhalim DZ


  • Aligouse Shaik Mohammed
    Aligouse Shaik Mohammed

    how many of you hate robertson

  • mazzmax gaming
    mazzmax gaming

    That slap gor carhajal was perfect🤩🖤

  • Suvam Dutta
    Suvam Dutta

    Ronaldo and remos most shit player 😂

  • •

    9:09 Try not to laugh 😂😂😂

  • Alter Ego
    Alter Ego

    Where js serigio ramod

  • Sidheeq Pb
    Sidheeq Pb

    Messi love you


    More more

  • RSK Trap
    RSK Trap

    9:50 is funny

  • Victor Njoroge
    Victor Njoroge

    Ayoze Perez taking on two players at the same time 😂😂😂🙌

    • The DomRunner
      The DomRunner

      Hahah Ramos takes on an entire team !!

  • Ryuga

    9:40 to 9:52 ...lol😂😂😂


    Fresh without background music

  • tanjil ferdous
    tanjil ferdous

    Ronaldo seems confused😅


    8:16 lmao

  • Dave Bonera
    Dave Bonera

    How comes Matuidi is there, it's a celebration.

  • Anas bun
    Anas bun

    Nice 👍🏾👍🏾

  • ZIAX 02
    ZIAX 02

    2:57 Diego Costa want to copy Suarez

    • Hot cheeto S
      Hot cheeto S

      Nah He just trying to give him a hickey

  • Maximilian Draxxler
    Maximilian Draxxler

    8:13 this made me laughing so hard 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  • WeeeWriter

    *It's a good thing us chesty women don't chest pump, some would go flying for sure lol*

  • Bivash Thakur
    Bivash Thakur

    Liverpool the most toxic club in the history of the sport

  • shubham singh
    shubham singh

    9:05 that defender forgot he was playing football 🤣🤣🤣

  • rahan mahamad
    rahan mahamad

    love you leo

    • محمد احمد
      محمد احمد

      ليو كرستيانو صح 🙈🙈😂

  • Mamita Devkota
    Mamita Devkota

    Don't forget ramos🤟

  • Wuselig Squad
    Wuselig Squad


  • is me good
    is me good

    ribery with the slap

  • all songs
    all songs

    I love Messi and Ronaldo

  • NotCotton

    1:45 you call that a punch?

  • Mr.Pange konyak Mr.pange konyak
    Mr.Pange konyak Mr.pange konyak

    Footballers are Not a best but verybad players and making game dirties

  • Harry Verma
    Harry Verma

    Messi expression is crazy🤣🤣

    • Phaindra rai
      Phaindra rai

      Messi not good player he is smart boy

  • Ricar Do
    Ricar Do

    I hope Adama goes crazy

  • 앙이

    4:30 한국에서 단체로 여행왔나? 그리고 요리스 땜에.. 같은팀끼리 싸운 팀에 손이 끼네

  • Simon Raul
    Simon Raul

    When messi gets angry..his face looks like a baby😊

    • Asian Vlogs
      Asian Vlogs

      He look like an lion when he have beard 😁

  • matt waldman
    matt waldman

    10 349th

  • Kevin

    Why I am not surprised to see so many times Liverpool players like Arnold or Robertson.... so dirty players who try to hurt the others

  • Yisus 002
    Yisus 002

    Alguien sabe porque Messi se encargo con un jugador boliviano en ese partido en las eliminatorias de Conmebol :>

  • Nopan Eka N
    Nopan Eka N

    Miazga DOG

  • Nopan Eka N
    Nopan Eka N

    Lloris STUPID Goalkeeper

  • Albiruni Rahmadani
    Albiruni Rahmadani

    Wait what happened to matuidi?

  • Md. Abdullah Al Mamun
    Md. Abdullah Al Mamun

    Dele Ali has to change his behaviour.

  • Hugo Barbosa
    Hugo Barbosa

    Sem música é muito ruim 😞

  • Superomario27

    6:06 why did neymar get a yellow

    • Eric Grizzle
      Eric Grizzle

      @Laelaps are you idiot?Ehen ney does rainbow flick referee immediately stop and say stop doing showboating just like showboating is crime or non ppart of football and then they got argument

    • Laelaps

      The ref told him to stop talking trash after the raimbow flick and he got angry to the ref

  • Mannan Chaudhary
    Mannan Chaudhary

    love you leo messi

  • Rayboycool Vids
    Rayboycool Vids


  • Rayboycool Vids
    Rayboycool Vids


  • Never Going back
    Never Going back

    9:11 brilliant footballer😂

  • Gustavo André
    Gustavo André


  • Bhuvan Das
    Bhuvan Das

    i dont understand, no offense to ronaldo , i mean look at 3:42 he hits ronaldo at neck and ronaldo touches his face why

    • Samyat Basnet
      Samyat Basnet

      Its football ⚽️ needs...otherwise no care no response

    • Chinku moni das
      Chinku moni das

      He needs to show it ... or referee will not care .... 😓

  • Omed Saed
    Omed Saed


  • alae zouitni
    alae zouitni

    messi and neymar are the bests

  • Darsan

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  • Sadib Islam
    Sadib Islam

    7:08 rotten luck

  • Sadib Islam
    Sadib Islam

    6:53 very FURIOUS moment

    • Sadib Islam
      Sadib Islam

      @Sports Quality thnx

    • Sadib Islam
      Sadib Islam

      @Sports Quality thnx

    • Sports Quality
      Sports Quality

      Good point 😂

  • football_lover_ 11
    football_lover_ 11

    I am neymar fan dat

  • Sushanto Roy
    Sushanto Roy

    Messi love u💓

  • Jimmy and the Resurrection
    Jimmy and the Resurrection

    Messi not playing football anymore. More bickering and complaining now a days.

  • The JH
    The JH

    Messi lead the video.

    • Wuselig Squad
      Wuselig Squad


    • Afandi Jr
      Afandi Jr

      @Fadila Mettoui ⁿ

    • Fadila Mettoui
      Fadila Mettoui

      عبد الرحمن بوهي

  • Henry_Playz

    3:38 chewing gum thrown at Ronaldo bruh

  • Roberto Blancos Mundwinkel
    Roberto Blancos Mundwinkel

    God save the Creator of this Video ,a Football Video without ugly Backround Music ;)

    • Rowan Ernesto
      Rowan Ernesto

      @Musa Colby Damn! Took like 10 mins but it worked!!

    • Musa Colby
      Musa Colby

      I dont know if anyone cares at all but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my gfs Instagram account using Insta Portal. Just google for it if you wanna try it

    • Jamin Jordan
      Jamin Jordan


  • Kezha Nakhro
    Kezha Nakhro

    Neymar with pink reminds me of Israel adesanya

  • fabio rampin
    fabio rampin

    Brutto il calcio cosi violento

  • Eaglemediatips


  • Umaira Rashid
    Umaira Rashid

    10 349th

  • مونتاج كروى HD
    مونتاج كروى HD


  • مونتاج كروى HD
    مونتاج كروى HD


  • 最果ての紫

    5:11 They are likely to kiss😂

    • rahan mahamad
      rahan mahamad

      hhhhhhh yea true 😂😂

    • raman sarma
      raman sarma

      Hahaha true

  • A joke for all occasions.
    A joke for all occasions.

    Absolutely great ⚽

  • GC11HD

    Amazing video brother

    • uknown Yt
      uknown Yt


  • Matheus Trens
    Matheus Trens

    Messi chamou o Marcelo Moreno de reserva do Sassa 😂😂😂

  • Ivan Rivera
    Ivan Rivera


  • Yamas Safandy
    Yamas Safandy

    Can someone tell me??? Whats going on with messi???


      algone.info/slow/video/hGu1x2-Zj5mLpaM coutinho!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Saad Bahlouli
      Saad Bahlouli


    • real madrid
      real madrid

      I dont understand

  • Rodrigo Castañon Cardona
    Rodrigo Castañon Cardona

    Solo vi a Messi y no dude en entrar :v

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