The Last El Clasico Between Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi
It was 2 years ago in 2018's El Clasico the last time the 2 GOATs played against each other! Now they meet again on October 28th.

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  • Standard Gamin'
    Standard Gamin'

    can football fans stop comparing them and start appreciating them before they are gone 😢

    • Sairaj Ullamgunta
      Sairaj Ullamgunta

      @Love Machine well u r wrong. Messi forever

    • Jaćk N Âcê
      Jaćk N Âcê


    • Kopite 27
      Kopite 27

      It shouldn't even be a comparison anyways, messi is clear.

    • Shagnik Roy
      Shagnik Roy

      Wheres the fun in that?

    • The waffle
      The waffle

      @Lars Saint Morning Glory shut up

  • oscar salazar
    oscar salazar

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  • Feda pbg
    Feda pbg

    Messi the Goat, goat

  • sired to Damon Salvatore
    sired to Damon Salvatore

    My love for Ronaldo is unconstitutional .. like i would die for him nd idek why

  • Feda pbg
    Feda pbg

    Ronaldo pindah dsri madrid karena gak pernah menang lawan messi, dari 38 pertemuan madrid hanya menang 2 kali seri 2 kali, jadi ronaldo malu, lebih baik pindah aja

  • Murad 1988
    Murad 1988

    Ronaldo is still better than him and all other barcelona players even to this day !

  • Mykel Wndsrf
    Mykel Wndsrf

    my only complaint was RMA shouldn't let CR7 go...for don't want to pay for $20 mill which is a chicken fee for the club...if CR7 is still with RMA one can beat RMA and still reign in championship for all leagues, what a shame to let go of CR7. GL RMA :-)

  • Matthew D'Oliveira
    Matthew D'Oliveira

    You know it's an old game when there's no VAR 😂

  • Arslan Iqbal
    Arslan Iqbal

    Ronaldo could have scored more than poker.

  • Dj Olly Haïti
    Dj Olly Haïti

  • Jammy Dodger
    Jammy Dodger

    That Bale goal🔥🔥

  • Pratik Bhor 7798
    Pratik Bhor 7798

    When i search revenge in ALgone why this video popout.

  • Taux Fou
    Taux Fou

    english commentary....

  • adi adrian
    adi adrian

    Good old times

  • batu bayka
    batu bayka

    9:45 suarez is just a dirty player as always

  • Bong Challengers
    Bong Challengers

    2:40 stop the video and see the thumbnail. Magic 😂😂

  • Damage

    Bale Madrid's best big game player

  • Hamptonian Painting
    Hamptonian Painting

    “ I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you actually left them”

  • Wensley André
    Wensley André

    Moman sa yo mankem

  • Piki pvp
    Piki pvp

    What is football without them 😥😥😥😥😥

  • dewa dankerz
    dewa dankerz

    What do u think about el classico now??🤣🤣🤣

  • Dative

    Notice how it's a robbery?

  • S F
    S F

    This year win the champions

  • pronline

    its very hard to watch, to many cuts

  • Salil Gurung
    Salil Gurung

    When El Classico was actually worth watching 😭

  • nikCHILL

    Dont compare them just appreciate

  • Kaze Minamida
    Kaze Minamida

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  • Mert Kaan Özlemiş
    Mert Kaan Özlemiş

    Varcelona suarez doing net foul varane

  • Carletta Machelle
    Carletta Machelle

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  • khanage360

    Two legends, both carrying their teams

  • Cristiano R.
    Cristiano R.

  • Anthony Recinos
    Anthony Recinos

    til this day i cant believe the ref didnt mark a foul on suarez when he clearly kicked varanes leg

  • Ognjen Vlaisavljević
    Ognjen Vlaisavljević

    This comentator is legend. In the begning he says : '' Here s the man who needs no introduction'' and then '' Here is Lionel Messi who is priceless''

  • Quentin Kaffka genaamd Dengler
    Quentin Kaffka genaamd Dengler

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  • Soccer Vids
    Soccer Vids

    Lol suarez nearly killed varane !😂

  • Peeper

    Barca’s decline began the moment they let Elneny score against them at Nou Camp

  • Marcleyson Rodrigues
    Marcleyson Rodrigues

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  • Mark Flaz
    Mark Flaz

    shocking editing

  • Joaquín Montana
    Joaquín Montana

    CR7 es un crack él mejor del mundo y de la historia mundial 👏🏁🗽

  • Akash Pandya
    Akash Pandya

    Gone are the good old Classico days! Bale, Suarez, Naymar & CR left. Next Season Messi leaves & LaLiga will never be same again!

  • Rahul Barman
    Rahul Barman

    what was the final score .

  • Aneesh Cr7
    Aneesh Cr7

    Cr7 ❤

  • Unam Msi
    Unam Msi

    B1 B1

  • Hoe You
    Hoe You

    I am messi fan, but i love ronaldo for his heading, positioning and excellent penalties, always makes difference playing against good opponent.

  • Smiling Pigs Studios
    Smiling Pigs Studios

    3:21 everybody is at the game?

  • Balakrishnan Swaminathan
    Balakrishnan Swaminathan

    Sergio Ramos catching messi's hand to put him off balance 7:24

  • issa Ayash
    issa Ayash

    When u could still call barcelona a football team💔

  • Abraham Rico
    Abraham Rico

    Already feel the sadness that this time is over, no matter how much we bickered with Real supporters the Classico isn’t the same


    Messi c'est super

  • I am God
    I am God

    Cr7 tackled easily on 4:02. Ramos and Marcelo cannot tackle Messi and Messi is passed them. They have to foul.

  • pratyush srivastav
    pratyush srivastav

    Commentator was totally biased towards Messi

  • E. Gaevskiy
    E. Gaevskiy

    Too many ads 😳 but good video

  • David Edmund Tochi
    David Edmund Tochi

    has left an autograph on the chinguard of sergio ramos, lol

  • Mr. Smilez
    Mr. Smilez

    Is It just me or do Messi and Ronaldo need each other too get there best form. That rivalry fueled them. Greatest two players of the last decade.

  • the nintendo gamer
    the nintendo gamer

    Fantastic match

  • AB CD
    AB CD


  • Marlobruh

    I might actually cry when these two retires. Actually, I will cry.

  • Carlos Canela
    Carlos Canela

    Commentary is straight💩no enthusiasm

  • saleem fathy
    saleem fathy

    You cannot compare Messi and Ronaldo Messi : has better controlling so he need a striker like Suarez Ronaldo : has better finishing skills / stronger - so he needs a playmaker so he can score like coutinho or even Messi Also Ronaldo can shoot stronger than Messi but Messi can shoot it in a specific , harder and better place


    Referring against varane shows referee and barca relationship.... Sure disallowed goal ( although the goal was superb) but it was a pure foul . agree?


    OMG F :(

  • Jasper Low
    Jasper Low

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  • 4t4 4t7
    4t4 4t7

  • Khaleemullah Musa Isah
    Khaleemullah Musa Isah

    Good relationship

  • arunsethumadhavan

    I miss the crowd..

  • Breburdini LP
    Breburdini LP

    wtf is that red card for Roberto? :d

  • Indrajit Barman
    Indrajit Barman

    Only scoring goals doesn't make anyone the best , the one who does all the possible thing in the pitch( Passes, assist, dribbling, score) is the absolute best.For wise men indication is enough , but for idiot nothing is enough.....

  • Ngo Ban Mai
    Ngo Ban Mai

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  • Tomas Jerry
    Tomas Jerry

    Salty football fans always compare. Just enjoy

  • Joseph Navas
    Joseph Navas

    Gareth bale siempre fue el segundo Cristiano pero nunca tuvo la misma atención, en todos los partidos anotaba era buenísimo.

  • Kigoz4Life

    Pathetic rat crowd booing Ronaldo

  • Bashan Umsong
    Bashan Umsong

    CR7 is the boss

  • ໓คrth•яєναη

    I come to the comment section just want to say that Mesi can do what Ronaldo can't. Thank you.

  • Leftdeck



    Who won the match?


    Hai guys. Harap ada yang sudi support channel saya.🥺#pes2021

  • حسين / Hussein
    حسين / Hussein

    Here's 9:45 a yellow card for Suarez 😯

  • hicham z
    hicham z

    mdr cr7 pars seul au but, hors jeu imaginaire! suarez grosse faute sur varane, l'arbitre laisse jouer but derriere de messi, sans le var le real se faisait trop voler

  • John Trebil
    John Trebil

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  • Donat Kentang
    Donat Kentang

    Also last clasico for iniesta

  • Amal Ihsan
    Amal Ihsan

    I'm a Barcelona fans.but Ronaldo coming real madrid

  • Devine Das
    Devine Das

    The commentator is so biased i hate that guy

  • Ta Ci
    Ta Ci

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  • Ramansh Khurana
    Ramansh Khurana

    What was the score?

  • wtf

    How on earth can people compare ronaldo and messi .

  • Dewi Mukhlis
    Dewi Mukhlis

    Editan nya bang😔

  • Emily Portillo
    Emily Portillo

    Yooooo i made it 71 k likes I feel so special lmaoooo

  • Ashmaterial

    Rip legends

  • Naveen Sivaprakash
    Naveen Sivaprakash

    Super 👍👍👍👍👍

  • 칸쵸사주세요

    0:10 이거 봐봐 와... 개 소름 돋는다. 꽉 찾어 꽉... 개미쳤네 진짜 뛸 맛 나겠다.

  • Anubhav Pandey
    Anubhav Pandey

    Best Part 7:33

  • n1keFromAtyrau

    9:45 so its 1-2 with this faul

  • Kyle Kennedy
    Kyle Kennedy

    Can we all stop comparing them! We need to start appreciating them while they are still here! Will be a very sad day in football when they’ve gone! Their will be no one like CR and Leo for a long long time

  • diwan lama
    diwan lama

    Even if I compare messi and ronaldo I have respect for both players for what impact they have brought on football world❤️

  • Ethan Bondick
    Ethan Bondick

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  • David Kosiba
    David Kosiba

    The current classicos are just not the same , I don't see the fire in this rivalry anymore , Ronaldo is just 1 reason but the whole vibe of the Classico is just gone , it is pretty sad cause I remember a couple of years ago I was hyped af even the day before the actual matchday but now I don't even watch the Classicos

  • Anton poulsen
    Anton poulsen

    The most and i mean by far most exsperts and football players have said messi is the best of those two.

  • pranav k.s
    pranav k.s

    It was a clear foul on varane.....

  • thrilla72

    What a pleasure it was to be there

  • Евпатий Каловрачич
    Евпатий Каловрачич

    Suarez as usual helped to score with a fatal foul!🤦🏻‍♂️

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