The Day Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi met for the First Time

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  • Loving Grace Life Matters
    Loving Grace Life Matters

    Love them both. They are both greats, they are both living legends. Long CR7, long live messi. 🙏🥰🌹

  • Eriet 1234
    Eriet 1234

    Messi: Hey Ronaldo: .......

  • Ryan D Hazer
    Ryan D Hazer

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  • Avinash Gautam
    Avinash Gautam

    5-10 years from now when we'll see these videos of Messi and Ronaldo it'll be like watching Hashirama vs Madara

  • Asa Setioko
    Asa Setioko

    ronaldo came to madrid to beat messi

  • Chancepants

    Its kinda fitting that their first game was a draw

  • radiqal

    ron was tackled hard

  • studynap computer
    studynap computer

    3:05 the way Messi interrupted ronaldo..... Great!


    This has to be the most entertaining goalless game

  • TZ Chen
    TZ Chen

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  • Ngoc Tran
    Ngoc Tran

    Messi came back after long injured time

  • manifergi

    Both teams have fallen from great heights

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User

    *So here it all started.*

  • Jesse Kutesa
    Jesse Kutesa

    Ronaldo was not performing well in this match

  • Success is My option
    Success is My option

    The best in the world

  • B H A V I N
    B H A V I N

    There was park ji sung too

  • census kerala
    census kerala

    enthada MALAYALI indo

  • filip stojanovic
    filip stojanovic

    Its crazy to see how barca was on the attack all the time like there mindset was just attack attack attack. Then again the defense of man u was shocking. Miss the old days man

  • die Klub
    die Klub

    How the heck can CR7 and Messi battle? He'll have to fuck Messi's career in a flannel Then Messi will have to give him his sandals 'Cause he knows as long as Messi's The Goat, he's gon' have to live in his shadow


    Messi already showing at a young age he was and always will be a far superior player great balance great ball control great vision, all Ronaldo wanted to do was fall over looking for fouls some things never change

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez

    Messi GOAT

  • Denon Wilson
    Denon Wilson

    This reminds me how many used to get away with diving

  • mekqite has a stick
    mekqite has a stick

    Its ironic to see how much football and especially messi and ronaldo have improved


    Great foulers (Barcelona) of all time....


    Just look at how many times Cristiano fell during this match

  • Driivl

    Ronaldo when he got the penalty: yes yes yes Ronaldo when he missed it: no no no

    • Driivl

      @Khang Ngọc Chung Nguyễn jojo? U mean ksi/JJ? If so, yes

    • Khang Ngọc Chung Nguyễn
      Khang Ngọc Chung Nguyễn

      Is that a jojo reference?

  • TheAbc45678

    I have never watched a game of soccer, but I googled "who is the best soccer player of all time?" and I'd say Messi had the most support. I've watched a couple of videos about him and I can see why this may be true. I'm unbiased, not having seen much soccer in my life. I've heard of teams like R.M. and M.U. but I have no affinity to any of them.

  • Lee Shand
    Lee Shand

    Why is the commentary from a united game?

  • Skipper

    they were doing mistakes that now they will never do

  • Pleb Bear
    Pleb Bear

    Ronaldo was not a Team Player in this Game. Still.. the class that was on the pitch this day is just insane.

  • Abdelrahman Elnaggar
    Abdelrahman Elnaggar

    They were both great in this game

  • Nitish Narayanan
    Nitish Narayanan

    ronaldo's free kicks and penalties in this match are on point

    • Ýřķý

      He didn't score one and missed a penalty? Lol

  • Flashy Yt
    Flashy Yt

    This is history not all those wars and stuff

  • Hope l freya Mikaelson
    Hope l freya Mikaelson

    The day ronaldo he ain’t got anymore

  • Solam Veritatum
    Solam Veritatum

    Ultras have pride of where they're born, grow up and made great friends no matter what situations they're in. Football players go after money.

  • Bhgj

    I just like how the fps cant keep up with CR7 speed

  • pian katemba
    pian katemba

    Ronaldo was good at speed while Messi was good at dribbling

  • Alex Godinez
    Alex Godinez

    You can tell the difference between them really easily, messi like to pass a lot meanwhile ronaldo like to do it by himself

    • k sm
      k sm

      Yeah like 2011 in UCL semi final, Messi like to go to through Solo Goals “than to pick a pass”. Meanwhile Ronaldo just watching him.

    • Yon Slash
      Yon Slash

      And Ronaldo would fell with a slight challenge of defence

  • mexatube

    Ronaldo missed 1 penalty. Ref missed 2...

  • Yassir Ayoubi
    Yassir Ayoubi

    Rijkaard messed up the tactics so bad in this match. Even kept Henry in the bench... taking out Messi and bringing in Bojan.

  • b wood
    b wood

    Difference between good and greatness is a great player will finish that p.k and a good player will step up but shank it like beckham for England

  • Bradley S
    Bradley S

    Crazy to see Messi's development from this video itself: -At the time made a lot of fumbles with his dribbling though he was still better than the average player in Laliga - Made barely anything Salary wise in comparison to how much Ronaldo earned under Alex Ferguson in Manchester -Was relatively unknown on a global scale in comparison to Ronaldo, who at the time a lot of traction worldwide during his Man U days - Developed his skills and work rate so much since that day that he surpassed Ronaldo's Dribbling skill, vision, passing and assist making plays who was considered the best back then, only for Messi to now become the greatest modern-day player in the new millennia if not all time. Both incredible players and I am so lucky and grateful to see them play during their prime years


      After Ronldo Returning to madrid.. and With madrid Proved in UCL and Became And The King in UCL and The world

  • Abbe M
    Abbe M

    messi got his revenge on man utd in thr 2009 finals

  • Josue Marchena
    Josue Marchena

    Ahi se veia a un messi mas metido en jugadas personales como colectivas

  • Ahmed Monir
    Ahmed Monir

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  • Tots Capo
    Tots Capo

    This version of messi where he was so quick yet had the best dribbling of all time was impossible to handle

  • Fanatico

    The day it all began

  • Denilson LOPEZ
    Denilson LOPEZ


  • Siobhan Furlong
    Siobhan Furlong

    Messi played well against such a strong defence

    • Aditya Shreeraj
      Aditya Shreeraj

      His performance in old Trafford was extraordinary... Sad he lost that game

  • RobyRogo Gaming
    RobyRogo Gaming


    • 17weidt

      I mean yeah.... he was a winger back then and that’s what they do sometimes.....

  • SotoXV

    Que aburrido este partido chsmre

  • DanDam

    And this is how a match between two soccer gods has to finish: 0 - 0

  • Saucy

    Those guys were good they should have a rivalry or something

  • Aditya Raut
    Aditya Raut

    Dolphin mode on 🐬 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • •

      7:39 🤣🤣

  • P Alagao
    P Alagao

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    Cuando Messi era el 19 cristiano ya era 7 en inglaterra

  • Phonix 79
    Phonix 79

    Ronaldo vs pussi

  • aman

    messi clearly didn't want to come off

  • Samuel Amazan
    Samuel Amazan

    Taking Messi off the game was wrong.

  • Mythic Gamers
    Mythic Gamers

    Ronaldo is best


    Bro the defense are not footbal they push instead of physic he pushes the guy till messi cant even touch or have a chance

  • Alex Cedeño
    Alex Cedeño

    Cuánta clase.

  • Ahsan Safeer
    Ahsan Safeer

    Sorry this was the best quality I could find with English commentary Me watching in 240p Hmmmmm interesting

  • Joe Mac
    Joe Mac

    Oh man, how much these 2 players have grown over the years

  • Bull Studalphamonster
    Bull Studalphamonster

    “And the officials are from Switzerland so no questions on their neutrality” 😭😭😭😭

    • Theevilrhino

      And three minutes later that goes out the window lol

  • rishi raj
    rishi raj

    This fucked up channel doesn't know that this wasn't the first time they met.. They met in the 2008 champions League semi finals where paul scholes scored.. Jeez have some knowledge

    • Pritam Nanda
      Pritam Nanda

      Hey you fool, it was the First leg of that semi final at camp nou, Man u won 1-0 in the second leg at The old Trafford

  • Bossman kb Awesome
    Bossman kb Awesome

    Taking off Messi uno 😅😂 he was playing so well

  • Bossman kb Awesome
    Bossman kb Awesome

    It’s 2006 Ronaldo has joined Messi in Barca 😅 just imagine

  • Essa Tania
    Essa Tania

    cr7 man utd

  • Paulo MoDs
    Paulo MoDs

    Nao ah como cr7 nem messi

  • WeeeWriter

    *I like Cristiano, Messi, Ibrahimovic, Giggs, Ramos, Gerard, Marcelo* ❤️

  • Jake Lyngz
    Jake Lyngz

    Those year Messi just a citizenship not a dictator of the barca

  • Jay Patel
    Jay Patel

    Good work ❤️

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  • Norizan Datu Ali
    Norizan Datu Ali

    CR 7 with his M U team are always good players

  • Kathy De Gussemé
    Kathy De Gussemé

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    Yassen Fosso

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  • Bing Chung
    Bing Chung

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  • Suhas Khaladkar
    Suhas Khaladkar

    Imagine ronaldo dropped out for his miss free kick🤔🤔

    • Ali Abbas
      Ali Abbas

      no its an not an easy thing to hit and ronaldo was a great attacker for man u

  • Fullmental Ducati
    Fullmental Ducati

    Bad ass fucking teams

  • Fullmental Ducati
    Fullmental Ducati

    He don’t miss no more !

  • Rahmane Tecno
    Rahmane Tecno

    Slt les gar

  • Dave Bonera
    Dave Bonera

    Ronaldo met messi in the 2007/08 ucl semi final. Your video is clue less.

  • rabindra rai
    rabindra rai

    Ronaldo was king and he is still

  • Fun Time
    Fun Time

    I call this game of gods

  • zhu pp
    zhu pp

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  • Hirsch Rkay
    Hirsch Rkay

    The era when even the referees feared Barcelona FC

    • Aibe world
      Aibe world

      I made a video asking Nigerians Messi or Ronaldo 🇳🇬 It was totally insane 😌

  • Bing Chung
    Bing Chung

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  • Qweku Miller
    Qweku Miller

    Did you guys watch video well what at all did united defense did to messi aaa you guys are exaggerating like that 😏 just that comparing united defense that time to this time was better that time that's all

  • maudu vhuhwavho
    maudu vhuhwavho

    this was tough game for both of them

  • abu bakkar
    abu bakkar

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  • Faris Gohar
    Faris Gohar

    started with PS1 ended with PS5

  • Padma Nanda
    Padma Nanda


  • AVADHOOT bhandare
    AVADHOOT bhandare

    Messi is a magician right now but back then he was a wizard. I'm a CR fan but I loved messi this time

  • Single Entity
    Single Entity

    I could only Imagine How Cristiano must have felt from missing that penalty......It's real frustrating generally speaking

    • DelphicSpace428

      And robben missed his penalty against cech in the ucl final in 2012

    • 172 188
      172 188

      Thats what made him. Same with Arjen Robben missed the 1v1 in the world cup final 2010 against casillas it was 0-0. After that he won everything with Bayern and became a Legend.

    • Theevilrhino

      Probably even more frustrating winning two more penalties bug magically not being awarded one

    • mexatube

      Should have had 2 more tries...

    • Abraham Luna
      Abraham Luna

      Back then he wasn't the penalty kicking machine he is now. He even missed his PK in the UCL final against Chelsea

  • Omar Thomas
    Omar Thomas

    Park ji sung had an awful night I remember

    • Aibe world
      Aibe world

      I made a video asking Nigerians Messi or Ronaldo 🇳🇬 It was totally insane 😌

  • Joshua Pinho
    Joshua Pinho

    I remember watching these games as a United fan hoping Ronaldo was always going to save us, but I shit you not, we feared Messi. He was only 20 years of age and we all saw how that ended when our teams clashed.

  • iMinde_

    Ehh the days when stadiums was full..

    • detta clan
      detta clan


    • GenX Raptor
      GenX Raptor


  • Sreerag M
    Sreerag M

    Yesterday rono didn't miss against barca

  • Salvador Garcia
    Salvador Garcia

    Welp the days have come men. When the new becomes the old.

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