The Day Cristiano Ronaldo & David Beckham met in 2006 World Cup
It was 2006 World Cup knock-out stage, England vs Portugal, ending up in Portugal win after Penalty shootout.
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  • Flavio Aguilar
    Flavio Aguilar

    Cristiano Ronaldo was better than Beckam

  • Rda Mz
    Rda Mz

    England lacked good manager.

  • Yoel Roblox
    Yoel Roblox

    English should be win but the referee.............

  • Ebrahim 07
    Ebrahim 07

    Well i was born in 2006 🤣🤣🤣

  • Fayàs

    Lampard > Gerrard >scoles> beckham

  • cas per
    cas per


  • sree rag
    sree rag


  • Thereal CrunchyTacos1234
    Thereal CrunchyTacos1234

    All i heard was Nuno Gomez,Helder Postiga,Luis Figo and i know this shit old and then i saw Bakham,lampard,Peter Crouch,Joe Cole,Ashley Cole,Wayne Rooney,Rio Ferdinand, Robinson back when every International team was stacked!


    What a game....👍👍

  • Илья Дмитриевский
    Илья Дмитриевский

    It was a Mundial with the most horrible refereeing, including this match and final

  • Kənan Muradlı
    Kənan Muradlı

    1 match 22 legend

  • Abhijith M K
    Abhijith M K

    Wow. Cristiano 👌👌👌😍

  • manifergi

    Why do I feel like David Beckham is still bigger internationally than CR7 to this day? their fame ain’t the same in or out of football even though David has stayed out of the limelight for some years now

  • l

    when england looked actually like england

  • Эрл Пресли
    Эрл Пресли

    Это просто не день Бэкхема.

  • trieutamtlsvtybg nguyen
    trieutamtlsvtybg nguyen

    Chik ko cok doi vek luk thu tik cok nho tao ko

  • GabRonFlyRoe

    6:28 dayum

  • RiCk KiNg
    RiCk KiNg

    The best 2 palyers in pitch was Beckham and Ronaldo

  • Moreh films
    Moreh films

    Getting used to watching Messi do his magic , anyone else looks amateur . Ronaldo use to join the pack in attack in these era and looks dangerous at time. But looks like a kid playing when compared to messi . Period

  • subanilrasydin

    bukan maeeenn

  • subanilrasydin

    wiiihh gileee cr ketemu bekam manteeeeb

  • Loving Grace Life Matters
    Loving Grace Life Matters

    A living legend CR7

  • km273

    Brits play dirty.

  • Phước Nguyễn
    Phước Nguyễn

    England has many fabulous people: lampard, gerrard, Beckham, Rooney, gary nevile, rio Ferdinand, john terry

  • Cecelia Sancez
    Cecelia Sancez

    Yo se que todas dicen David Beckham esta muy guapo pero para my esta mas guapo Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Lnroy Dann
    Lnroy Dann

    The Best Version of CR7

  • chan nyein
    chan nyein

    7:47 cr7 stepping on lego. How does he yell ?

  • Ben Matheson
    Ben Matheson

    6:16 handball

  • André silva
    André silva

    Anúncio desgraçado

  • Daniel Borbor
    Daniel Borbor

    The title should read England know CR7

  • nizu cr
    nizu cr

    Uff cr,,, 7😲😲🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹💞💞💞👌💪

  • Mauro MR MR
    Mauro MR MR

    Why the part where ROONEY smashed CARVALHO balls has been cuted off???


    Who is David Beckam,hahahahaha.....

  • shikeb Nizamuddin
    shikeb Nizamuddin


  • Lipson Baby
    Lipson Baby

    Gerard, lampard, Beckham in England. But for Portugal only Ronaldo. Ronaldo😍😍😍

    • Nora Shinosuke
      Nora Shinosuke

      Portugal GK(Ricardo) : am i joke to you?

  • LilSon BTē
    LilSon BTē

    The day Me and Alien meet for the first time...Upload it Fuck upppp

  • Tejas Divekar
    Tejas Divekar

    It was as if young CR7 vs England legends and CR7 won by clear hardship

  • Marioantonio Recaldebenitez
    Marioantonio Recaldebenitez

    Como corría y jugaba ese cristiano.. brillante de otro level

  • sojin george
    sojin george

    Legends vs young boy 😍😍

  • Wira Udayana
    Wira Udayana

    I watched this game live in Gelsenkirchen 2006, the Memory unforgetable 👍

  • Damar Fadlan
    Damar Fadlan

    I miss the good old CR7.

  • Luis M
    Luis M

    I know this video doesn’t show the full game. But you can tell that England was playing very bad. They didn’t look comfortable with ball and were playing very flat. Portugal looked much hungrier for the win. Surprised they didn’t score earlier


    Cual David beckam fue contra la ingleterra de los galácticos

  • Cangnell sm
    Cangnell sm

    Please commentary english



  • NellyWebb Chitomba
    NellyWebb Chitomba

    An interesting fact: CR7 is the only one in this match that is still active in the highest level of football. Currently the Serie A top scorer. The world top scorer for club and soon national team. The GOAT and one of the BOATs.

    • bb adam 100
      bb adam 100

      Ronaldinho is the better dribbler overall tho

    • Dilon Ragoonanan
      Dilon Ragoonanan

      messi may be the GOAT in dribbling...but dribbling dont win games. cr7 was a real entertainer of dribbling and tricks early in ManU, sir alex broke that habit from cr7.

    • പൂമേനി ഇല്ലത് ബിജു ബ്രാഹ്മണൻ
      പൂമേനി ഇല്ലത് ബിജു ബ്രാഹ്മണൻ

      @Siddhant Oberoi yes,i agree 👍👍👍

    • Siddhant Oberoi
      Siddhant Oberoi

      @പൂമേനി ഇല്ലത് ബിജു ബ്രാഹ്മണൻ Lol..No onr comes close to messi in dribbling, passing, acc, phy...He is the best for a reason

    • bb adam 100
      bb adam 100

      Ronaldo is the goat breaking records and winning trophies in three leagues he can adapt anywhere

  • NellyWebb Chitomba
    NellyWebb Chitomba

    This is the reason all English media and players hate CR7. They never mention him as the GOAT in EPL but CR7 is the best ever plating there. From a gunner fan.

  • Itachi Genjutsu
    Itachi Genjutsu

    Portugal keeper Ricardo was awesome. I still remember watching this match

    • Aji Kurnia
      Aji Kurnia

      Me too

  • Itachi Genjutsu
    Itachi Genjutsu

    Steven Gerrard my idol 🤗

  • Politics Today
    Politics Today

    Beckham, Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Rooney, Ferdinand what a team England had. Shame they didn't win world Cup.

  • Fahrudi Iqbal
    Fahrudi Iqbal

    Cr7 winger version

  • Omar Sheikh
    Omar Sheikh

    Beckham was everything that Cristiano wanted to be.

  • Noney Ta
    Noney Ta

    Where's Figo?

    • Nora Shinosuke
      Nora Shinosuke

      Number 7

  • anjay chanel
    anjay chanel

    Para legenda membenci Ronaldo karna pernah di permalukan

  • Madridista130

    Cristiano treated them like kids here

  • Zulkifli Win
    Zulkifli Win

    Being a good free kick taker doesn't mean u are the best, that's Beckham hahaha

  • Ricky 07
    Ricky 07

    8:08 Jueves 4 de Marzo, 8:14 PM

  • Luis Rocha
    Luis Rocha

    Now we understand Rooney attitude towards Ronaldo ... till today

    • Lamborgini Bukati
      Lamborgini Bukati

      Yeah that’s why he pick messi over ronaldo 😂😂

  • Vu Thuc Trang
    Vu Thuc Trang

    The billowy anime identically approve because dungeon intraoperatively meddle alongside a tawdry pantry. half, craven dock

  • zinake100

    Cris is beter vind ik

  • charliand angga
    charliand angga

    where is this time i cry because david lost 🥺😢😢

  • Debanjan Maity
    Debanjan Maity

    Wow.... beckham, cr 7, gerrard,lampard are in one frame. . . . But that time ,he was cr 17.

  • Marcos Limarg
    Marcos Limarg

    Lampard, Gerrard and beckham, what a midfield



    • ROMARiO

      @Daniel Borbor lol kid spotted

    • Bara Prakosa
      Bara Prakosa

      0 thropy 😂

    • Daniel Borbor
      Daniel Borbor

      They can't with CR7

    • gabilico

      @# :- G A l A C T I C 0 S -: so random lol

  • Abhi Dhoundiyal
    Abhi Dhoundiyal

    Seriously can't understand that England didn't even go to semis with that squad, what an outstanding squad that was

    • Para Bina
      Para Bina

      Luck wasn't on their side.

    • Cxsh Mayweather
      Cxsh Mayweather

      All of them were rivals from teams at the highest level

    • Rakha Abdurrasyid
      Rakha Abdurrasyid

      Less colective despite England squad has outstanding individual skill

  • Mahmud Kowsar
    Mahmud Kowsar

    It was Cr17

  • Gopal Tripathi Official
    Gopal Tripathi Official

    Trust me , English players always hated Cristiano cause he was better than them

    • Ebrahim 07
      Ebrahim 07

      Facts 💯

    • Sports Star
      Sports Star


    • Bohemian Rhapsody
      Bohemian Rhapsody

      Será muy bueno el Ronaldo pero esa Inglaterra tenía mejor equipo y eso es lo que más importa , porque él Ronaldo no puede hacerlo todo solo por más bueno que sea

    • Bruno Aleixo
      Bruno Aleixo

      No it isn't, he just have a enormous propaganda behind it...

    • Andro Julian
      Andro Julian

      Thats true

  • Gopal Tripathi Official
    Gopal Tripathi Official

    Commentators said Cristiano Ronaldo 109 times in the whole video

    • Gopal Tripathi Official
      Gopal Tripathi Official

      @PETER AFONSO yess Siuuuuuu


      You was counting lol😀😀😁😂

  • Gopal Tripathi Official
    Gopal Tripathi Official

    Beckham really has 99 passing

    • Sujal AB
      Sujal AB

      @Meme School have you ever seen a fit Beckham playing ? He is one of the best passers of all time. Remember this. Watch some football from 1990s. You will know it.

    • Meme School
      Meme School

      LMFAO that pfp!

  • Afif Tjahjono
    Afif Tjahjono

    you can clearly tell how hurt rooney was when ronaldo did that

  • Brad HODGES
    Brad HODGES

    Ronaldo meets his idol in Beckham. No.7, man UTD , then to real Madrid , right midfield. Set piece experts. 2 legends of the game that will go down in history but Ronaldo's legacy has a few more goals in it lol,

    • ayan Khan
      ayan Khan

      Lol backhan was not his idol


    Khub bhalo laglo God bless.

  • Pao Chongloi
    Pao Chongloi

    England playing Beck, Lampard & Gerrard at the same time when technically they all are the same. England downfall.

  • gangaram Deuja
    gangaram Deuja

    0:19 cristiano calling rooney (wazza)

    • Bruh

      what does that mean?

  • JDDC 9447
    JDDC 9447

    Ahh The Day English Fans began their HATE AGAINST RONALDO you can't blame him for Rooney exit he simply fought for his colours I would do the same!!🟢🔴👊

  • alexa g
    alexa g

    The day that CR7 and Portugal take revenge in the 64 World Cup, when England stole the World Cup from Eusébio. Karma, only that.

    • Anime Vortex
      Anime Vortex

      Portugal beat England 1-0 in world cup 1986 that was their revenge

  • Texas rattlesnake
    Texas rattlesnake

    Legends 🌟❤️

  • satybaldiev 1
    satybaldiev 1

    Beckham 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


    No one Absolutely no one Not a single soul Me as a Liverpool fan: gerradddddddddd

  • sanket lunkad
    sanket lunkad

    This guy has a bright future . He should move to Spain to break Barcelona's dominance.

    • bb adam 100
      bb adam 100

      @Bulls93 09 final was before the rivalry just like 08 when ManU took out barca.. Ucl semis does count and I'm not comparing copa del rey trophies just el classico finals which Ronaldo won most 2010/11 CDR 1-0 2013/14 2-1 for Supercoppa 2012 4-4 on agg and 2017 5-1 on agg

    • Bulls93

      @bb adam 100 Ronaldo has one win more then Messi Copa del Rey but Messi knock out Madrid in the semis with Ronaldo and also beat Ronaldo Manchester United in the finals so Messi tops Ronaldo head to head in UCL and Ronaldo tops Messi Copa del Rey

    • bb adam 100
      bb adam 100

      @Bulls93 I said "finals" not league matches

    • Bulls93

      @bb adam 100 wrong when cr7 was in Spain FC Barcelona won 14 times and real Madrid won 8 times with 8 draws

    • bb adam 100
      bb adam 100

      Ronaldo won most el classico finals too

  • Sagnik Ghosh
    Sagnik Ghosh

    Better than Messi whole 2014 World Cup highlights, without any exaggeration But you will still see his fans shouting about how he "carried" Argentina to 2014 World Cup final and how Higuain "let him down" and how Penaldo has done nothing in World Cup ever.

    • sayan Dutta
      sayan Dutta

      @Shan 0418 can you guys stop including Messi clearly shows how u guys are feared

    • Shan 0418
      Shan 0418

      Fuck pessi man... Till now messi cant win for his international team including Copa America... But Ronaldo wins it

  • Sagnik Ghosh
    Sagnik Ghosh

    The greatest and the most overrated footballer ever in the same match, against each other. What a coincidence

    • sayan Dutta
      sayan Dutta

      @Jasper Weinberger neither of them are overrated no one ronaldo - best finisher Beck - excellent crosser, passer, and free kick taker

    • Jasper Weinberger
      Jasper Weinberger

      @sayan Dutta so your telling me that Ronaldo is

    • sayan Dutta
      sayan Dutta

      @Jasper Weinberger nahh he wasn't overrated kid

    • Jasper Weinberger
      Jasper Weinberger

      i guessing you mean beckham is overrated....right

  • Matteo Pagni
    Matteo Pagni

    Pardo e Di gennaro orgoglio italiano🇮🇹

  • kacab Khan
    kacab Khan

    My favourite players😊😊

  • Tipskhem Marbaniang
    Tipskhem Marbaniang


  • blur

    Iconic 7s

  • Veysel Bozkurt
    Veysel Bozkurt

    Cristiano Ronaldo was so beginner in that game but he was so stubborn.

  • ahmet bilal
    ahmet bilal

    Cristiano can you step on ur feet XD

  • Alok Cyriac
    Alok Cyriac

    L Figo, C Ronaldo 💘 D Beckham, S Gerard, F Lampard, W Rooney 💘

    • i_killed_cupid

      @Alok Cyriac its Gerrard, not Gerard

    • opalim te ciglom
      opalim te ciglom

      S Gerard*

  • Alok Kumar Kashyap
    Alok Kumar Kashyap

    Gerrard was fantastic ❤️❤️

    • Alok Kumar Kashyap
      Alok Kumar Kashyap

      @i_killed_cupid zizou will always stand tall brother ❤️

    • i_killed_cupid

      @Alok Kumar Kashyap wha- Gerrard is awesome, but ZZ is way better

    • Alok Kumar Kashyap
      Alok Kumar Kashyap

      @Kostan Melsa Gerrard had the class of Zizou...

    • Kostan Melsa
      Kostan Melsa

      CR7 always Funtastis,,😎

  • Adnan Syed
    Adnan Syed

    Wow what a quality

  • Lrz Giri
    Lrz Giri

    Ronaldo is a goal machine not passing machine..


    RonaldoDybala is the king Footbal Player..Love Juventus RonaldoDybala😘😘😘

  • rafael silva
    rafael silva

    Its disrespectfull putting those 2 together. Ronaldo was already in another planet.

    • sayan Dutta
      sayan Dutta

      In 2006 lol have you watched Beck 1999

  • Seth Porter
    Seth Porter

    The melodic reindeer seemingly start because sofa distinctively curl for a thankful coke. infamous, subdued insect

  • Benjamin Tanuwira
    Benjamin Tanuwira

    How I wish I could go back to 2006

  • Pasha Sahin
    Pasha Sahin

    You can easily tell that Ronaldo is the best one on the pitch no question.

    • HamodyX

      @Richard binoy they're talking about this match bruh

    • Moreh films
      Moreh films

      I can tell how flawed your judgement is just by reading your comment is

    • Richard binoy
      Richard binoy

      No messi

    • masroor wani
      masroor wani

      True on that day

    • Abhi Ram
      Abhi Ram

      Not the best. One of the best 😌

  • FF Erenit
    FF Erenit

    E di ke shqiptare ti qe ke kanalin kshu qe like komentit tom❤🇦🇱

  • Thunder BGM
    Thunder BGM

    Foot ball watsapp group undo

    • Sanu


  • leonardo leos
    leonardo leos

    Ese era otro Ronaldo. Después apareció su evolución.

  • tanjil ferdous
    tanjil ferdous

    Ronaldo left beckham in the dust

    • sayan Dutta
      sayan Dutta

      Keep dreaming

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