The Day Cristiano Ronaldo & David Beckham met
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  • Fahima Dahir
    Fahima Dahir


  • Borneo Lawas
    Borneo Lawas


  • Alexandro Charca
    Alexandro Charca


  • Gav Autophile
    Gav Autophile

    Ronaldo : "wazzaaa, wazzzaaaa"

  • Video 4 Football
    Video 4 Football

    good player

  • Akash Ash
    Akash Ash

    The difference between ronaldo and Beckham in rw is Beckham always finds a striker and ronaldo always wants to strike

  • Akash Ash
    Akash Ash

    Beckham, Gerrard, lampard, Neville, ferdinand, Rooney, Hargreaves, Terry what a team it was

  • Ed. Paul
    Ed. Paul

    11:40 That Cristiano's penalty was genius, made a fool out of the keeper! 🥅⚽️😂😂

  • Cristiano Lovers
    Cristiano Lovers

    Show some love guys .Proud of goat 🐐

  • Cristiano Lovers
    Cristiano Lovers

  • dani12

    Miss time free covid19

  • eallyman entertainment
    eallyman entertainment


  • Melik Burak ÇELİK
    Melik Burak ÇELİK

    Anddd Rooney vs Ronaldo warr is start... Ronaldo after the Left Manchester

  • Karl Roulette
    Karl Roulette

    this was in 2006, they were both colleges at Manchester since 2003

  • Dead Ball Situation
    Dead Ball Situation

    It's funny when people hark back to the days of this England team, with Becks, Ferdy, Scholes etc but you can see how technically poor they were compared to a team like Portugal who just out passed, out ran and outskilled them. David Beckham was great at crosses and dead balls but really that was it.

  • Alex Gid
    Alex Gid

    Пенальдо- легендарная плакса

  • Andy Tekiro
    Andy Tekiro

    Cristiano the King of foot ball

  • LD Blaze
    LD Blaze

    Scruffy from Ronaldo to go that to Rooney

  • P BLUE
    P BLUE

    England lose this match

  • TOITops

    portugal vs england: commentators, from italy. logic :)

  • Lalmuanpuia Ralte
    Lalmuanpuia Ralte

    This was the reason ronaldo left man united

  • Osman Öztekin
    Osman Öztekin

    Ronaldo perceft maşallah🤲

  • ฤชากร ปาร์เด็ม
    ฤชากร ปาร์เด็ม


  • said hak
    said hak

    this is england when too much a king in the one club but never be realy a king outside

  • dicky rachmatullah
    dicky rachmatullah


  • Jojimon James
    Jojimon James

    Cr best in the world 💥❣️

  • Bikash bariha
    Bikash bariha

    The King of football CR 7

  • 35 Kg Kid Ionut
    35 Kg Kid Ionut

    7:47 i can hear him scream


    ronaldo tchnically kick

  • Ivan Asgar
    Ivan Asgar

    This is the Best England squad

  • Bishal Khadka
    Bishal Khadka

    The title should be when the most handsome football players met😂😅

  • The Whore
    The Whore

    monstrous stamina

  • Sereyoudom Raing54
    Sereyoudom Raing54

    Umbro England kits were always the best. Even after more than 10 years it still look nice.

  • Giandomenico Ruggiero
    Giandomenico Ruggiero

    Cr7= goat

  • Jay Tejada
    Jay Tejada

    6:29 my goodness

  • Trinitarian Berean
    Trinitarian Berean

    Ronaldo is undisputed a club legend. Back then I preferred Messi. Ronaldo was easy to read because he's always in the game. Messi's tactically, savvy, and unplayable.

  • ベイビットデッカム


  • USS Spirit
    USS Spirit

    Ouch that wink ;)

  • USS Spirit
    USS Spirit

    The GOAT when he was a KID.

  • Sonia Barua
    Sonia Barua


  • Satrya Sat
    Satrya Sat

    Yaelah pake diganti

  • Pannam

    Damn! Beckham has zero skills. Great passer of the ball tho.

  • Hữu Thiện
    Hữu Thiện

    Dancer Ronaldo

  • Sebrenx

    Ronaldo vs Everyone

  • Ahtisham shafiq
    Ahtisham shafiq

    Cristiano Ronaldo & David Beckham love both

  • Rowleyo nardo
    Rowleyo nardo

    This is europe / world champions?

  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones

    didn't understand a word those commentators were saying though

  • Nathan Yo
    Nathan Yo

    are we all just gona ignore the RED card on Rooney? disgraceful.

  • musaeada

    Portugal like just 2 players

  • Adi Rahmadi
    Adi Rahmadi

    old and young... not equal... energy is Everything

  • Maniesh

    the greatest players in both sides...what a match...everyone are legend. memory refreshed..

  • Rajiv Manandhar
    Rajiv Manandhar

    I saw only ronaldo is playing there

  • Tyo Junior
    Tyo Junior

    United's no 7 Legends competing against each other

  • Daniel Borbor
    Daniel Borbor

    and that's why he is the greatest of all times..

  • marco flores
    marco flores

    nadie lo dice pero en ese partido quien destaco fue el portero de portugal RICARDO adivino donde iva el balon

  • blank

    We had some flair in this English squad


    looking back Beckham had a shocker this game lol

  • พิชิต ไชยแสง
    พิชิต ไชยแสง

    เราๆ มีความสุขที่ได้ดูฟุตบอล ในยุค90


    This Ronaldo was fun to watch 🔥🥺

  • Billy Beverweyk
    Billy Beverweyk

    We have to admit it that Ronaldo has a great mental here as decisive moment at last penalty kick..

  • Alex Aliaga
    Alex Aliaga

    i remember living in Portugal during this game. insane, that keeper Ricardo was seen as a god!

    • Dr_Salt

      This was the best team portugal ever had.

  • Trubee Films
    Trubee Films

    Just stop it at 6:28

  • godnehe

    Lampard was getting his anks busted

  • A foreign Chinese
    A foreign Chinese

    Ronaldo, an immensely talented footballer but with a flaw. Poor character.

  • Nedwin L.H.
    Nedwin L.H.

    Everyone commented about Christiano Ronaldo, but none about Beckham. As I know, Beckham is still the best until today. His 'take and give' technique is marvellous.

  • Victor Fidelis
    Victor Fidelis

    What a run cr7


    Good Ronaldo skill

  • Daniel Nobrega
    Daniel Nobrega

    Why is Beckham included in the title, he sucked. only could take free kicks and cross the ball on a free kick

  • ibix ibrahim
    ibix ibrahim

    I just got sick of seeing back to back ad's I'm done with this stupid channel

  • Vinny Samways
    Vinny Samways

    B*ckham is the most over-rated sh*t show the game has ever seen.

  • Muhammad Noor bin Rohani
    Muhammad Noor bin Rohani

    Europe World Cup.

  • Garth Bekker Buksie
    Garth Bekker Buksie

    Very bad game!

  • Jakraphong Thammasaeng
    Jakraphong Thammasaeng

    I just miss everyone after watched this video.

  • Raff70

    Miss that era,,

  • Black Magik
    Black Magik

    David beckham and Gary Neville were so shit this tournament. Neville was only in team cos he had long throw. Becks cos he could cross the ball. I remember they never ever dribble past one player for the whole tournament. How can u play as right back or right winger and not beat one player for whole tournament.

  • Bambino THC
    Bambino THC

    Euuuuu me lembro de mais dessa copa 2006 a famosa jabulaneee🇧🇷salve de Recife

  • Dũng Anh
    Dũng Anh

    Ronando quá hay

  • Zola Man
    Zola Man

    if u ask geared and ashely Cole now as who is the best player they will say messi Pepsi BC cr7 already killed them in the field , they see him as enemy but they know what he did on them

  • Zola Man
    Zola Man

    gerared was playing every where behind ronaldo to defend him as a full back in the wing hhhhhhhhh

  • Miu TV
    Miu TV

    Strong and handsome

  • Jessie C.
    Jessie C.

    david looks kinda laggy

  • индеец Джо
    индеец Джо

    Емаа, сколько раз диктор произнёс Криштиано Роналдо. Но Криш и вправду отпахал как конь

  • nnknkable

    The golden age of the WAG

  • snidesb

    Ronaldo was such a sly bastard. Very slappable face.

  • kevin tovar
    kevin tovar

    I was one year old that’s crazy


    England vs Ronaldo

  • Ryukin God
    Ryukin God

    ตอนนั้นอายุยังน้อยย เล่นบอลโลกได้ขนาดนี้ ถือว่าโครตเก่ง แววมันมีมาตั้งแต่เด็กจริงๆ

    • IQ EQ
      IQ EQ


  • Sholeh Fuad
    Sholeh Fuad

    Gila cr7 kaya maen sndrian akakak

  • MegaZard5

    Beckham looked so lethargic. His dead ball delivery looked lazy as well. Understandable why he was dropped for a bit. Great that he came back fitter again. Also, Hargreaves was immense this game. Fair play. 👌

  • Arif Rahman
    Arif Rahman

    ferdinand look scary tho

  • Roby Opz Skl
    Roby Opz Skl

    Gila waktu cr di mu emang sperin dan setamina nya ga ada ahlak menit ter akhir juga masih bisa sepid cepet dah emang mantap cr

  • Edwin Bean
    Edwin Bean

    The spiky virgo additionally fade because ketchup unequivocally arrest but a silent parade. different, picayune output

  • Kiper Kiper
    Kiper Kiper

    Два кривонигих скаузера и игрок членси не смогли пенку забить

  • Samadrito Bhattacharyya
    Samadrito Bhattacharyya

    Back when Ronaldo was so involved in every game without all the unnecessary hype and expectations. Just him and the ball.

    • Wang Pan
      Wang Pan

      coz the engine of the team was figo

    • Trinitarian Berean
      Trinitarian Berean

      @General Destiny Ronaldo is undisputed a club legend. Back then, the problem was he easy to read always in the game.

    • General Destiny
      General Destiny

      It’s the best feeling to play with no pressure. You can say the same for Messi too.

  • Маga Magik
    Маga Magik

    Все кричали падает и плачет Кристинка,а сколько по настоящему ему достаётся в карьере по ногам?!Били,бьют и будут бить!По другому его не остановить.Это легенда!

  • Tamani Maiesia
    Tamani Maiesia

    Beckham? More like the Christiano Ronaldo show if you ask me.

  • socialgames

    Amazing match 2 even teams


    The match that rooney decide to choose messi over ronaldo


    Moral of the story: look for free kick in every situation, act like you broke your leg then by some Devine miracle after you've been granted your request, act pain free will become super rich

  • J D
    J D

    When I was a team England's fan.

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