The Day Cristiano Ronaldo & Ronaldinho met for the First Time

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  • Qwerty Asdfgh
    Qwerty Asdfgh

    Magia total. Nunca habrá otro igual. Gracias Ronaldinho por ponerle tanto talento y magia al fútbol. Fuiste y serás único.

  • edwell tazvivinga
    edwell tazvivinga

    Ronaldo was realy a very gud player

  • Bruno Barradas
    Bruno Barradas

    Real Madrid were lucky R10 wasn't in a good mood on that day.

  • Muhammad Xasanov
    Muhammad Xasanov

    11:16 respect moment🤝

  • Bigfyzzle Mamaba
    Bigfyzzle Mamaba

    Dis video is a clear indication one can’t reign forever. Ronaldinho turn to stranger. CR 7 was de beast dat day.

  • Manyourbae

    the only great human among the legends.

  • Murad 1988
    Murad 1988

    Ronaldo is far better than Ronaldinho ever was.

  • Christian Cruz
    Christian Cruz

    CR7 is still the rival of Zlatan's Milan.

  • насиб алиев
    насиб алиев

    Ronaldo have not honour

  • Mcgee

    Dis is wen football is exciting now we are watching var football

  • marco mestriner
    marco mestriner

    That Ronaldo

  • Chik Filet
    Chik Filet

    The day these videos that say "the day blabla met blabla for the first time" stop will be the best day ever

  • Reba Bawri
    Reba Bawri


  • Abhi Dhoundiyal
    Abhi Dhoundiyal

    Damn people screaming, chering and jeering. Just one year ago it was normal now it feels nostalgic

  • football official
    football official

    Best assist

  • I am God
    I am God

    CR7 dives

  • Gabriele 00
    Gabriele 00

    despite everything, all true football lovers know that ronaldinho prime> ronaldo prime. Even if Ronaldinho showed his pure talent only 8 yesrs, it does not mean that his prime shape was less good than cr7 ones.

  • Barron Romarema
    Barron Romarema


  • mailer daemon
    mailer daemon

    Amin alhamdulilah

  • Mike Monteiro
    Mike Monteiro

    Não tem como, Ronaldinho é o melhor. 🇧🇷

  • George French
    George French

    You all are stupid they met a long time before when he was at Man united he lost to Barcelona

  • WindForceTV

    Noone going to mention the false title?

  • MeLlamanPapo

    Ronaldinho is back??

  • Alif Nasir
    Alif Nasir

    king wo crown..i hope both messi n cr7 win next world cup..

  • Football Universe
    Football Universe

    Good video I love the old legends. Ronaldinho was such a great player

  • Michael angelo
    Michael angelo

    imagine if defender milan is still a duet nesta and maldini at their golden age, and the other players to. cr7 will just be like a shit

  • Matty T
    Matty T

    All I see is a dolphin when penaldo tries to dribble

  • zahedul islam015
    zahedul islam015

    Marcelo is a big hearted player


    Seeing mesut ozil in madrid shirt plus a game of legendaries this was amazing damn days when futbol had a taste.

  • sarang Peppe
    sarang Peppe

    Gattuso,pirlo,ronaldinho,nesta,zambrotta vs ronaldo 🔥

  • sarang Peppe
    sarang Peppe

    Which year is this ???

    • Mohmmad Saud
      Mohmmad Saud


  • LOL Ninja7
    LOL Ninja7

    Ronaldinho be like long ball spammer

  • Ivan Babic
    Ivan Babic


  • Muhammad Danish Hafiz Mohd Adib
    Muhammad Danish Hafiz Mohd Adib

    you can see the number 80 here 1:15

  • Muhammad Danish Hafiz Mohd Adib
    Muhammad Danish Hafiz Mohd Adib

    1:10 the moment where Ronaldinho gets the ball. His number is 80 if you guys watch closely.


    Cr7 was by far the best man on the pitch. He outshined all the legends so easy

  • Mikha Moz
    Mikha Moz

    The day cr7 met him self😄

  • adi perasetio
    adi perasetio

    Editor fix ronaldo fans, not milanisti

  • Preetam Mukherjee
    Preetam Mukherjee

    Washed out Ronaldinho.. :(

  • മനുഷ്യൻ അല്ലെ പുള്ളെ
    മനുഷ്യൻ അല്ലെ പുള്ളെ

    Ronaldo.... Ronaldihno.. Repeate

  • antoni murmu
    antoni murmu

    Antoni murmu

  • Vikhyat JJN
    Vikhyat JJN

    When ibrehamovic was still learning to play

  • GabRonFlyRoe

    8:20 oof legends kicks in!

  • Indra Irawan
    Indra Irawan

    all legends in one match

  • Dah Agadja
    Dah Agadja

  • Eduardo Monjardin
    Eduardo Monjardin

    Ronaldinho ya no tenia nada de magia No se le veian las ganas de nada

  • Lucas Duarte
    Lucas Duarte

    Como joga feio o CR7.

  • Victor Arias
    Victor Arias

    Y justo ponen un Partido donde ronaldhino juega mal ;v el es un Dios el cristiano Ronaldo es un tronco que no le llega ni a los talones a ronaldhino

  • Rodrigo

    Ronaldinho jogou bem 1 ano apenas . Esse jogo foi um festival de erros dele, cr7 é 100000 vezes melhor

  • Bakare Opeyemi
    Bakare Opeyemi

    Ronaldinho should have learn something new from Cr7 in that match

  • Mjeez

    That hug by Mourinho... respect to ronaldinho

  • Superior Gaming
    Superior Gaming

    Damn Ronaldinho was rusty in this match

  • Mix7 channel
    Mix7 channel

    Ronaldo and pirlo

  • Nova

    Ronaldinho is trash 💩

  • Jokerzz Akechi
    Jokerzz Akechi

    not 2009? when he is in man utd

  • Ayu Thakur
    Ayu Thakur


    CR7 😅👎👎👎👎

  • Cremosinhooficial

    Sou teu fã Ronaldinho


    Ronaldo,Ronaldo,Ronaldo..Best of the Best. My GOAT

  • Daniel Henry
    Daniel Henry


  • SoundHard ANUREP.
    SoundHard ANUREP.

    El bicho

  • jibril

    ronaldo akan lebih mahal kalau namanya bukan ronaldo. bnyak disegani pemaen bola dan pemain paling mahal. krna nama ronaldo itu klau mnurut sya nma psaran di dunia bola. jdi ke istimewaanya tuh kurang pdahl ronaldo istimewa bnget.

  • Kirk Ellis
    Kirk Ellis

    That roar for Ronaldo freekick was something else

  • TheDiegoFraireRock

    Cr7 hizo mierda a todos los del Milán JAJAJAJA

  • Bertha Muz
    Bertha Muz

    This game shows that Ronaldo fears no names. He is a true fighter among legends. The Greatest Of All Time

  • TheHazzakk

    11:16 respect!

  • Adeyemi Ayomide Samadex
    Adeyemi Ayomide Samadex

    Fun fact cr7 impact in this game is way more than Ronaldinho, Zlatan, pirlo combined...

  • Rakin Choudhury
    Rakin Choudhury

    Cristiano actually scored a piercing goal through the wall that included Ronaldinho, Zlatan, Seedorf, Pirlo, Pato.

  • petani udang vaname
    petani udang vaname

  • Julian Gonzalez
    Julian Gonzalez

    Ronaldinho played like shit lol

  • Maksim Sergeevich
    Maksim Sergeevich

    Боже, какой же Рони нулевый тут... Так жаль что он так быстро слил карьеру. В детстве это был мой любимый игрок после Криша.

  • The Da lea kashindi
    The Da lea kashindi

    Ronaldo And Ronaldinho Are always insane but I just know that zlatan is there And Good vid 👍😏😁

  • Zein Subagja
    Zein Subagja

    Rindu Ronaldo, Ozil, Higuain


    Ronaldo Dybala For me Love Juventus. Love Ronaldybala😘😘😘



  • ricardo chavan
    ricardo chavan

    Ronaldo protagonista ABSOLUTO de este partido. Ronaldinho muy impreciso, además no pudo eludir a ningún jugador del Madrid

  • Faraja Simon
    Faraja Simon

    Them good old days⚽️

  • todos por Vitinho
    todos por Vitinho

    Pessoal peciso de ajuda compartilhem

  • Yaya11994

    What year was this ?

  • Manuel Portilla calvo
    Manuel Portilla calvo

    Los 2 juegan super bien Pero cr7 le gana en anotaciones de goles

  • Jason Psalms
    Jason Psalms

    If ALgone would be monetizing for the most comment reader, I'd be at list rich. Coz reading all these comments it's not a joke, it takes time and dedication.... SUBSCRIBE

  • Intra Winata
    Intra Winata

    Ronaldinho kept on losing his ball, no brilliant pass from this match

  • George Mantzos
    George Mantzos

    Ronaldos pace man so good.

  • Wahyu Design
    Wahyu Design

    Pas Jaman PS3 Sekarang Udah PS5 aja :)

  • ResBer Antonio
    ResBer Antonio

    11:19 Mourinho hugs to Dinho, nice moment... Respect ✨🙏🏼✨

  • Doğa mavigöz
    Doğa mavigöz

    milan 10 foul but ronaldo 1 foul yellow card

  • Norman Martinez
    Norman Martinez

    Comparar la mejor época de Cristiano con la peor de un Ronaldinho ya en decadencia!? En fin... Porque no comparamos la mejor época de Ronaldinho con el Cristiano de hoy dia!? Directamente no podrian ni compararse, ni siquiera en la mejor época de ambos se puede comparar...Ronaldinho era de otro planeta como le pasa a Messi, nacieron para eso, a Ronaldinho se le veía Magia algo que hoy día ya no existe en el Fútbol Cristiano es un atleta fruto del trabajo algo que muchos otros habrían conseguido con la misma constancia que el ha llevado a lo largo de su vida. Pero como Ronaldinho o Messi se tiene que nacer no existe un entrenamiento ni puedes ni parecerte por mucha voluntad que pusieras, ni siquiera el gran CR7.

  • sired to Damon Salvatore
    sired to Damon Salvatore

    Damn CR7🔥

  • Nishen Pillay
    Nishen Pillay

    The sound of the Fans gave me goosebumps 🤤

  • rock music
    rock music

    Penaldo always looking for a penalty WHAT A TRASH

  • Faisal D
    Faisal D

    CR7 The Goat 🐐


    Uma pena q o Ronaldinho n estava no auge, seria uma puta disputa mas foi massacre do CR7 msm kkkk

  • Hx Dx
    Hx Dx

    Gattuso idiot

  • Lucas Frighetto Pereira
    Lucas Frighetto Pereira

    Coitado do Gattuso 😅 esse sofreu

  • Jojo no hoes
    Jojo no hoes

    6:25 that ronaldo's sprint was insane bro

  • Dark MaGIc
    Dark MaGIc

    The don in his prime

  • Душан Савич
    Душан Савич

  • ribel ganss
    ribel ganss

    Melempem sudah tua

  • Душан Ганиев
    Душан Ганиев


  • Leonardo Parisi
    Leonardo Parisi

    Pensare cr vs pirlo e adesso pirlo lo allena haha

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