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The Battle of Nuremberg is the nickname of a football match played in the Round of 16 of the 2006 FIFA World Cup between Portugal and the Netherlands at the Frankenstadion in Nuremberg on 25 June 2006. Russian referee Valentin Ivanov issued a FIFA World Cup record 4 red cards and 16 yellow cards, setting a new record for cards shown at any FIFA-administered international tournament.
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  • Alsido Football
    Alsido Football

    Imagine if Neymar was playing in the 2nd half of this game 😅😆

    • EVO ACC
      EVO ACC

      Neymar come in plus 10 red card cause by his diving technic

    • Azim

      He nee like “ They seen me rolling🎼🎼🎤”



    • Wendy A Mustaqim
      Wendy A Mustaqim

      If Neymar was playing, there would be ... Neymar Jr. Distance : 1 km Key pases : 2 Rolling : 11 km I guess

    • yaronsing Z.
      yaronsing Z.


  • Simeon Peters
    Simeon Peters

    Pure passion. The drama and everything. It's sad football died.

  • Shahadat Hossain Hridoy Al
    Shahadat Hossain Hridoy Al

    Best Match Ever

  • Yogi Prasetyo
    Yogi Prasetyo

    10:09 gede sekali kwwkwkwk

  • Fajar Apriliyanto
    Fajar Apriliyanto

    Ronaldo injuried.. Then a few years later, ronaldo injury again (agains france)..

  • Yohanes Tahu _Suka-Suka
    Yohanes Tahu _Suka-Suka

    Good Match

  • Tylox

    This is why I don't like Football that much. They are all acting like little drama queens

  • Danny Kwon
    Danny Kwon

    everyones shotpower is 99 in this game

  • Arsmor Code
    Arsmor Code

    Main bola jaman dulu ngeri2 yak. Berapa kali tu wasit keluarin kartu kuning. Banyak banget pasti

  • Syarif zico sampoerna13
    Syarif zico sampoerna13

    Mntap brutal

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez

    ese Arbitro iba a tener toda la noche para redactar un informe de todas las amarillas y rojas hahahaha!

  • diujung jari
    diujung jari

    Seng putih kaya pemain indonesia

  • yoala

    This match inspired PEPE to be footballer

  • Paul Eom
    Paul Eom

    When men were men

  • Konrad Kun
    Konrad Kun

    Sedih ya main bola sekarang nggak ada penonton, energi sepak bola seperti hilang. Ini pertandingan final piala Eropa pas Portugal tuan rumah. Mainnya bar2..tapi asyik, wasitnya juga tegas..TOP Class sport ❤️❤️😎

  • muhammad Rizki Alfarizy
    muhammad Rizki Alfarizy

    gak bisa bahasa enggres😭

  • iqbal Mohammed
    iqbal Mohammed

    Bisaan eta si Ronaldo

  • Ginlu Pamai
    Ginlu Pamai

    If this match goes till extra time, nobody will be in the pitch.

  • Sabeer Hundekar
    Sabeer Hundekar

    National team El Classico 🔥

  • Galang Arya
    Galang Arya

    The casto borito estato

  • Catatan Mas Adi
    Catatan Mas Adi

    4:53 real kungfu

  • Duhtea

    This is the greatest football match i've ever seen.....

  • Aakash Menon
    Aakash Menon

    This is the kind of game that we dont see today...uhff

  • nevermind 112
    nevermind 112

    What a game

  • Fuxuro

    4:26... I thought they wore shin guards 👀


    Players do sacrifice!

  • Thomas Hari
    Thomas Hari

    ancur banget maennya

  • tut Nick
    tut Nick

    Gg ada yg pura" guling" kyk neymar .

  • Budi Pekerti
    Budi Pekerti

    pay 1 ticket, for football, martial art, and drama exhibition at once.. really really worth it.

  • saklain ahmed
    saklain ahmed

    Did anyone know how many times did the ref show the cards? Cause I lost the count.

  • Siddhant

    Never has there been a title more appropriate than this!

  • The Avestron
    The Avestron

    There target was to injured Ronaldo. So they can win..

  • Oscar Sanjaya
    Oscar Sanjaya

    Wasitnya mantap tegas👍

  • ES Libra
    ES Libra


  • ghalib adnan
    ghalib adnan

    Back then when football was a game of real man not these days it has turned out to be a game of girly boys even the womens game is more better nowadays to watch!!

  • Panggih Ramadhan
    Panggih Ramadhan

    Battle of Nuremberg

  • Rosyi Zakaria
    Rosyi Zakaria

    apa kabar Neymar ketika dilaga ini ya???

  • Selman Al Faris
    Selman Al Faris

    Imagine var in this game 😂😂

  • Umay Ismail
    Umay Ismail

    Tarkam competition 😂🤣😂

  • Kool_Hand _Luke
    Kool_Hand _Luke

    Lol this game......legendary

  • celebcrunch

    Back when it was all about passion 🔥 n not money

  • Khairul Amilin
    Khairul Amilin

    Tahun berapa tuh

  • Opah_4793

    If there was var, Netherland would have won

  • Dimass

    mntp nih tim portugal sekalinya ronaldo dikasarin, dikasarin balik

  • Playing With Sophia
    Playing With Sophia

    They were both the colonials in Indonesia before 1945

  • Deny Just Vlog
    Deny Just Vlog

  • Smaran NM
    Smaran NM

    I was looking for skills but...

  • Renno Yanuarsyah
    Renno Yanuarsyah

    Saya dari negara batam salam kenal

  • sahil khan
    sahil khan

    1:51 cool cool cool cool }- creativity is more beautiful then hard work and talent 😎👑

  • sahil khan
    sahil khan

    1:44 10-messi + ronaldo 7 = 17 team 😂 every one wants this.

  • ridwan permana
    ridwan permana

    Di SCTV nih seinget gw hahahahhahaa

    • ridwan permana
      ridwan permana

      @Armagedon Capital Fifa World Cup 2006 Germany

    • Armagedon Capital
      Armagedon Capital

      Piala apa ini om..? Tahun berapa


    Persija vs Persib ini mah👍👍

  • Ipan Shinyoo
    Ipan Shinyoo

    Itulah akibatnya menyiderakan ronaldo

  • Apry Asmara Andika
    Apry Asmara Andika

    Each one of crazy soccer

  • Solid Traveler Squad
    Solid Traveler Squad

    10:38 Demi alex dilapangan musuhan di luar lapangan ngopi bareng 🤣😅

  • Alvarezi channel
    Alvarezi channel


  • Ravindu Nadeesha
    Ravindu Nadeesha

    10:38 The leader of opposition and prime minister of our country waching parliament members of their parties fighting each other😂😂🙏

  • Yan Surya
    Yan Surya

    Seru juga, kaya Liga Indonesia

  • Caspersuhaimi Khalid
    Caspersuhaimi Khalid

    Kenapa Ruud Van Nistelrooy gak pernah menjadi pemain timnas belanda..?RVN pemain sepak bola yg hebat knp gak bisa terpilih menjadi pemain timnas belanda apakah ada masalah ama coach @ pihak management sepak bola di belanda?gak paham gue...😊☺😊☺

  • Nastain Romli
    Nastain Romli

    the are 20 pepe

  • Johan Tan
    Johan Tan

    The reason why robin van persie still alive this game is because no pepe

  • RIZQI gaming
    RIZQI gaming

    Football Indonesia bi like

  • youatemysheep

    The referee was sweating from pulling out to many cards

  • Federick Marsh
    Federick Marsh

    Figo is a disgrace

  • Izzat Aiman
    Izzat Aiman

    Portugal vs Belanda

  • Mkys Id
    Mkys Id

    Apakah cuma aku yg orang indo

  • Samsul TV
    Samsul TV

    UFC = Ultimate Football Champion

  • Edward Marcel
    Edward Marcel

    Unfortunately there is no pepe in portugal..


    ❤️❤️❤️👍 mantap

  • Alpian Pian
    Alpian Pian

    Biar mamfus kue fepe

  • Firdaus Pangky
    Firdaus Pangky

    This game too aggresive but i love the quality footballer they have ..

  • Ivan. S. r Chanel
    Ivan. S. r Chanel

    Pepe help me...!!!

  • Hydra

    4:56 how that is not penalty and red card ? 🤣

  • ghea aulia
    ghea aulia

    Neymar "Out from chat"

  • #nerves of steel
    #nerves of steel

    4:57 when you don't give cards to that , players think they can get away , and indirectly you are encouraging them to foul

    • Athanasius Philip
      Athanasius Philip

      That deserved more than a red card

  • Guntur fc Srikandi fc pakulaut
    Guntur fc Srikandi fc pakulaut

    Ronaldo ❤️

  • shaesus SES
    shaesus SES

    4:41 how the hell that wasn't a penalty?

  • SlowHand

    This is happen if u make Ronaldo cry

  • Humble Man
    Humble Man

    Nobody relize that Ronaldo with 17 number.

  • muhd rohaizad
    muhd rohaizad

    football in past time - lion vs tiger football in present time - cat vs dog 😂

  • Firman Basuki
    Firman Basuki

    That's not sport,, fuck!

  • Divyanshu Chouhan
    Divyanshu Chouhan

    When you have to fight in ufc next week.

  • Kyze4u

    I wonder why nobody tackled the referee

  • tluanga 17
    tluanga 17

    4 red card😂

  • Krba Mozez A Progressive Lens
    Krba Mozez A Progressive Lens

    Imagine if Ramos and Pepe play this game without a card🤗🤩

  • Nehal Sayyad
    Nehal Sayyad

    How many cards? Ref: Yes!

  • soham tawade
    soham tawade

    Niederlande such a bot Team from my pov😂

  • ian 127
    ian 127

    Dari jaman penjajahan indonesia sampai main bola,gak pernah akur

  • Dante Perez
    Dante Perez



    Gelut 🤣

  • loitam7

    Netherland always play dirty. That's how they won against Brazil in WC. But I like the country.

  • Ahmad Nasir
    Ahmad Nasir

    Portugis vs voc


    Is a the real karate in the fotball

  • Hikmal Darmawansyah
    Hikmal Darmawansyah

    Well played

  • Kai Mao
    Kai Mao

    I really enjoy watching Robben with hair.

  • hasz channel
    hasz channel

    this game playing without brain

  • Hidden Izwan
    Hidden Izwan

    The quality of each players that time, really joyful to watch

  • Seymur Qurbanov
    Seymur Qurbanov

    Azərbaycan bayrağına qurban olum doğma bayrağımız🇦🇿🇦🇿

  • Viboto Yepthomi
    Viboto Yepthomi

    2:34 rare video of Jim Carey

  • Ezod Ewok
    Ezod Ewok

    Pertandingan bertbur bintang

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