Horror Moments in Football
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  • MFXfootball

    Ronaldo is so good he got injured and still got a goal A true legend

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  • pankaj kumar
    pankaj kumar


  • matbraunable

    1:38 i like that he's actually calm

  • Jothi Rani Ganesan
    Jothi Rani Ganesan

    Ronaldo handled his damage calmly

  • دلوو پاشايى
    دلوو پاشايى


  • 5m9ë

    Sterling 🖕🏼

  • Hind Swaraj
    Hind Swaraj

    Sunil chhetri is greatest footballer. But due to our management he is not recognized.

  • FM Stegen
    FM Stegen

    5:30 - OMG wtf are they doing to his face?

    • baltic mauzer
      baltic mauzer

      Making sure he doesn't choke on his tongue

  • Phx Air
    Phx Air

    The truthful doctor potentially deceive because sideboard wailly disagree following a meaty desert. fine, hesitant toothbrush

  • pike XD
    pike XD

    Is this wrestling or what?!

  • pike XD
    pike XD

    The just pushed Messi(my faviouriout footballer)to the floor like it was 100 percent nothing

  • Krishiv Vyas
    Krishiv Vyas

    Ronaldo: *scores and gets hurt* Commentator: "GOL GOL GOL GOL!" *Oh nO! AnYwAy,*

    • Mohamed Abdelfatah
      Mohamed Abdelfatah

      مي ميه في الميه من زمان 😂 الله وبركاته يااستاذ من

  • Juan Pablo Ortiz Tellez
    Juan Pablo Ortiz Tellez

    4:25 Haaland

  • Anna-Ruth Scarlett
    Anna-Ruth Scarlett

    Ah so ewww!

  • Lukáš Koubek
    Lukáš Koubek

    *uck every guy who commit this injuries

  • VBx

    i feel bad for andre gomes and son

  • Dương Bạch
    Dương Bạch

    5:20 anyone send me link plz

  • Fanta Boye
    Fanta Boye

    Sorry cr7

  • Anandu M.S
    Anandu M.S

    Since the Vedio started, I was hoping when it will end..#BeSafeFootballers

  • Ilia Stephnadze
    Ilia Stephnadze

    4:29 that's Håland's dad getting fouled

  • Anandu M.S
    Anandu M.S

    Keane, McGuire and that Tottenham Player..#Pathetic🙄

  • Sanyam Singh
    Sanyam Singh

    I am not able to see to whole video it very painful to see messi again and again hurting a lot

  • Daniel Sabbah
    Daniel Sabbah

    4:11 I still don't get how Everton got away with this. That ref admitted it should have been straight red after some time but the damage was done

  • Fiamma_dawood

    I love Ronaldo but that was supposed to be a red card 2:53

  • FDR 25
    FDR 25

    1.04 what happened ? Why Son shocked?

    • FDR 25
      FDR 25

      @euthnasia thank you

    • euthnasia

      Ankle or knee was probably popping out

  • Aseel Jamal Hussein
    Aseel Jamal Hussein

    3 : 02 was horrible

  • Supriyo Ghosh
    Supriyo Ghosh

    5.32 player almost died OMG??? So horrible situation 😭😭😭😭

  • Supriyo Ghosh
    Supriyo Ghosh


  • Arsenal Fan Kameron
    Arsenal Fan Kameron

    6:51 not only he does it to the opponent, he does it to his team mates

    • Captain Smoka
      Captain Smoka

      @YTG FrozoneKHANI it’s a joke lmao. Everyone knows pepe’s the most violent player in the game.

    • Arsenal Fan Kameron
      Arsenal Fan Kameron

      @YTG FrozoneKHANI ok, ik that, I ain’t dumb, do u think that?

    • YTG FrozoneKHANI
      YTG FrozoneKHANI

      It was an accident it happens with miscommunication

  • Arsenal Fan Kameron
    Arsenal Fan Kameron

    2:49 oof😣 I felt that there, must of felt painful

  • Arsenal Fan Kameron
    Arsenal Fan Kameron

    1:25 u could see how bad he felt for Gomes Lucky that Gomes IS ok

  • OMAR

    brou kik

  • Ritam 215
    Ritam 215

    Naymer 🥺🥺

  • Piyush Vishwakarma
    Piyush Vishwakarma

    Cr7 vs Levante

  • Ulaş Gürses
    Ulaş Gürses

    4.30 Haaland father's 😢

  • Piyush Vishwakarma
    Piyush Vishwakarma

    Cr7 😍

  • Tej _
    Tej _

    So Bad 😭

  • Nabil Fuad
    Nabil Fuad


  • Anam 7
    Anam 7

    Scary scary delicious

  • MD D
    MD D

    The last clip what happen to him did he die or got seriously injured.

    • Ariel Urvina
      Ariel Urvina

      richarlison didnt even look like he got hurt

  • Eric Barbosa
    Eric Barbosa

    Ronaldo: bleeding out Commentators: gooaaaaaaaaaal

  • Mohamed Bob
    Mohamed Bob

    Inter milan's new logo

  • EMI G.
    EMI G.

    Pickford coming out to van dijk as scissors, i guess van dijk put out paper. real life rock paper pickford scissorlegs. bad challenge for a good keeper

  • Martin Soares
    Martin Soares

    Now that's alotta damage

  • Salma Ayaan
    Salma Ayaan

    5:09 Pain at its finest R.I.P Neymars back 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

    • pike XD
      pike XD


  • Fabiola Gutierrez
    Fabiola Gutierrez


  • Team bros Yo
    Team bros Yo

    2:49 who cringed?

  • DuplexScarab

    David Luiz and Jimenez?

  • kevin souza
    kevin souza

    faltou a cutuvelada do Luan no Diego Souza skskskkkkk

  • Deabasish Sarker
    Deabasish Sarker


  • Luka Stevanovic
    Luka Stevanovic


  • Rafael Caetano Neves
    Rafael Caetano Neves

    2:44 meu pescoço doeu

  • Mohammed qasim kk
    Mohammed qasim kk

    Thank god this is not clickbait 😅

  • Hoàng Nam Trần
    Hoàng Nam Trần

    now i cant sleep

  • My Life
    My Life

    vehere are you from

  • B B
    B B

    1:42 OMG

  • DerryX


  • 2A-01 Aditya Untario
    2A-01 Aditya Untario

    5:44 Ramos will have the angry to Pepe after the game

  • Hariz Ikhwan
    Hariz Ikhwan

    what happened at 5:33 ? hehehhehe

  • Marten Lammas
    Marten Lammas

    are he dead

  • Le* me
    Le* me

    When u realise it was not a clickbait

  • zubair baig 1st PME NSS02
    zubair baig 1st PME NSS02

    I think football needs a iron man suit

    • Ananda Gopal Basu
      Ananda Gopal Basu


  • LaxGunYT

    1:15,is he dead?


    hope every player could keep safe.🙏


      @Mayra Alcantara 🤕

    • Ðɑʀҟshadow


    • Mayra Alcantara
      Mayra Alcantara

      Sadly its part of the sport

    • Rasheed. Kk Rasheed. Kk
      Rasheed. Kk Rasheed. Kk


    • Sammys play ground!!!
      Sammys play ground!!!


  • Thunder Gaming
    Thunder Gaming

    but look where Ramos hit carvajal

  • Aarav Reddy
    Aarav Reddy

    lol the former Swiss captain really put blood on cr7

  • Jude England
    Jude England

    Keane is the best at horror tackles

  • gͥhoͣsͫt

    4:24 Roy Keane did that tackle on purpose as "revenge" for Alfie Haaland's claims that Roy Keane were filming in a match 3 - 4 years prior to that tackle. He also later said he has no regrets, just goes to show how selfish and stupid one can be. Pretty lame reason to do such a tackle as well.

    • AgassiShah

      thats a lie, haaland laughed at roy keane who was on the floor after supposedly breaking a bone in his body with a horrendous tackle fr haaland about a year before keane sent haaland to the shops.

  • Pranav Sonawane
    Pranav Sonawane

    real madrid:the self destructing team

  • Kamu Jahat
    Kamu Jahat

    If it's neymar I don't care, because it's just diving

  • ImperiaL Gaming
    ImperiaL Gaming

    what happened at 1:20

  • Imanuel Reang
    Imanuel Reang

    Strong people

  • Gonzalo Rosales
    Gonzalo Rosales


  • Death Wish 07
    Death Wish 07

    Thumbnail Uff What A quality 🔥🔥👌👌👌👌

    • Omar Mohamed
      Omar Mohamed

      @Mittu Mittu if u still dont understand search google

    • Omar Mohamed
      Omar Mohamed

      @Mittu Mittu the picture of the video. When you see a video in your page, it has a picture on it, called thumbnail

    • Mittu Mittu
      Mittu Mittu

      What is thumbnail

    • Omar Mohamed
      Omar Mohamed

      Freaked me out

  • Cris- Yo19
    Cris- Yo19

    What about the one with Sergio Ramoz and Salah?


      Do u seriously think that ws bloody I just broke a hand idiot

  • Subhendu Parida
    Subhendu Parida

    RAMOS hitting his own teammates lol

  • Vishal chandani
    Vishal chandani

    6.22 omg

  • amir rozario
    amir rozario


  • L

    Can anyone tell me the name of the soundtrack played on the background

    • Fazal Cheema
      Fazal Cheema


  • Vishnu

    Real Madrid players play football to do foul. And they do it to such a extent that they end up hurting their own time teammates

  • football friends vloggers
    football friends vloggers

    football fans

    • football friends vloggers
      football friends vloggers

      @Bxller Dhxrgyxl super

  • Fixingpage

    1:09 what even happened?


      His leg was fractur d so bad that they were not able to see it I saw the video and researched a lot it was same like the barca guy in this who's ankle got twisted video but much bad injury

    • Trayan Sabev
      Trayan Sabev

      they ended his career with a terrible leg fracture.

    • Harsh Tripathi
      Harsh Tripathi

      can u tell me what happened to that guy

  • Jaka Logika
    Jaka Logika

    Ramos x Pepe tragedy are karma not tragedy

  • Bataitez

    I was left shaking after this video

  • Šimon Kamarád
    Šimon Kamarád

    Fucking rangers

  • Subhadeep Saha
    Subhadeep Saha

    That day Torres almost died... Thank god he survived

    • Riccardo Benedetti
      Riccardo Benedetti

      Thanks to him teammate

  • Erling Håland
    Erling Håland

    The first one 😓😨


    I hope no one get these type of tackles

    • OpAmeen Khan
      OpAmeen Khan

      In future 🙃

  • alpha diallo
    alpha diallo


  • Hw3d

    Ramos is just too stupid

  • Akmal Teshayev
    Akmal Teshayev

    5:40 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Umrania Dhruvu10
    Umrania Dhruvu10

    4:46 that's a straight red... That stupid guy never went for the ball.... Athletic is one of worst teams i hv ever seen

    • Jg Uyo
      Jg Uyo

      Wow Thats why Barcelona fans are so toxic

    • Umrania Dhruvu10
      Umrania Dhruvu10

      @Afan Latheef nah

    • Umrania Dhruvu10
      Umrania Dhruvu10

      @Red Alert idiot it was Bilbao in Supercopa final

    • Red Alert
      Red Alert

      Thats sevilla idiot

    • Shadow Boi
      Shadow Boi

      @Afan Latheef that’s not sevilla

  • Rain

    5:48 that's Pepe right there won't even leave his teammates. 6:46 that's Ramos right there won't even leave his teammates.

  • Rodrigo Leiva
    Rodrigo Leiva

    I can’t believe Barcelona got a penalty for that.

    • Griezmann le chauve
      Griezmann le chauve

      @Rodrigo Leiva Its a penalty. Messi could have suffer what Torres suffered.

    • Rodrigo Leiva
      Rodrigo Leiva

      @Griezmann le chauve 3:47

    • Griezmann le chauve
      Griezmann le chauve

      Wich action ?

  • Kalyan Maity
    Kalyan Maity

    Huescaman Gayssi is really a drama queen... No contact at all..and he's rolling on the ground 🤡 😑 2:19

    • Shadow Boi
      Shadow Boi

      At the last replay of the tackle he clearly got fouled

    • Mpownage

      No contact at all except a full on sprint and then hard step on the ankle 😂

  • Farina mauzzam
    Farina mauzzam

    which is the backround music it is mu favorite

    • Sa ge
      Sa ge

      @Farina mauzzam np

    • Farina mauzzam
      Farina mauzzam

      @Sa ge thanks bro

    • Sa ge
      Sa ge

      Trauma (Worakls Remix) - NTO

  • The MaStErmIND
    The MaStErmIND

    sergio ramos got a taste of his own medicine.

  • The MaStErmIND
    The MaStErmIND

    "1:59" thanos: all that for a broken ankel

    • The MaStErmIND
      The MaStErmIND

      @Jomo plays yea and on the other ankle i cut of my blood vessel

    • Jomo plays
      Jomo plays

      U ever broken ur ankle befor?

    • The MaStErmIND
      The MaStErmIND

      @Omar Mohamed lol

    • Omar Mohamed
      Omar Mohamed

      Yeah like he didnt die what's dangerous in a broken ankle

  • Patrik Spelic
    Patrik Spelic

    2:40 why is this in video?

    • Srikr9

      He literally almost snapped his neck

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