Cristiano Ronaldo Last Game for Real Madrid

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  • Aquantic Flapcap
    Aquantic Flapcap

    Ronaldo was pocketed this game by Trent Alexander Arnold and forced him to switch sides

  • Cebulak

    the biggest mistake of his life was leaving madrid

    • Cebulak

      @Little Jetty yes.. Money is more important for him than club and fans

    • Richard Hirst
      Richard Hirst

      lol he his the player of all girls gets the best teams wins the best titles ... man u real juva mean shit to him his all for the game and nothing more his the best player because he loves football nota clubs

    • Little Jetty
      Little Jetty

      @Cebulak he doesnt care i think

    • Cebulak

      yes, that was big mistake. Ruined the whole sense of football Ronaldo = real madrid Messi = barcelona

    • Little Jetty
      Little Jetty

      not at all

  • LewaKov

    See you in ten years after his retirement :

  • harsh aggarwal
    harsh aggarwal

    7:10 ruined ronaldo's last chance for a proper farewell with a goal in the final

  • Yoshiki G
    Yoshiki G

    Liverpool keeper was having one of the worst day of his life.

  • lens

    Bales goal 📈

  • Anes Sherifi
    Anes Sherifi

    Why cant he go back to RM :(

    • Richard Hirst
      Richard Hirst

      because his getting old

  • RFER

    Bale didn't deserve to have his carrier ruined by real Madrid he would be better that Ronaldo if not

  • Junaid Ahmed
    Junaid Ahmed

    Cr7 the best ever to wear real madrid colors

    • Omvrios Zeus
      Omvrios Zeus

      one of the top 10 for sure

  • Harum MF
    Harum MF

    Man of the match is Karius. No goal for Ronaldo.

  • Grizzly 26
    Grizzly 26

    Yang Nyasar dari tiktokkk like hihi



  • The DomRunner
    The DomRunner

    Miss this RM they were beasts !!

    • Satya Prakash Tripathi
      Satya Prakash Tripathi

      I am a messi fan but I also like Ronaldo

    • Satya Prakash Tripathi
      Satya Prakash Tripathi

      barça was

  • The DomRunner
    The DomRunner

    Bale was on fire during this match !!

    • leoren tarko
      leoren tarko

      Luckily goals

  • Mo Cisko
    Mo Cisko

    What’s the song in the intro?

    • Bï Ĺý SAT
      Bï Ĺý SAT

      The xx intro

    • Anas Shaikh
      Anas Shaikh

      It is a song

  • CR7 PRO
    CR7 PRO

    your chenel is really good👍 💓💓💓 visit my chenel yes

  • Israel Lopez
    Israel Lopez

    Si soy la figura me quedo, sino hago nada como en muchos partidos importantes, pues hago berrinche y me voy. Y que creen ? Bale y el portero del Liverpool le quitaron protagonismo. Jajajaja

  • Atruefootballfan hd
    Atruefootballfan hd

    Real Madrid didn't deserve this win

    • ron

      Haha liverpool not top 5

  • Iwona Gawdziakowska
    Iwona Gawdziakowska


  • Adnan A
    Adnan A

    CR7 fans അടി like

    • Chalu Creative
      Chalu Creative

      Are u malayali

  • Isaac Tang
    Isaac Tang

    Go to real Madrid

  • soccer fan
    soccer fan

    Saudades já não sei se é a palavra certa...para usar..ainda...lembro dos seus golaços...cr7 madrid love forever eterno

  • Sandal Ukir Purwokerto
    Sandal Ukir Purwokerto

    Cristiano Ronaldo from Indonesian DIY

  • MigueEditz10

    Awesome work bro!! 😉💯

  • Daniel San
    Daniel San

    The end of one of the most brilliant passages of a player in a football club.

  • simon p
    simon p

    No one knew it at the time 😔

  • Football Scorer
    Football Scorer

    #footballscorer Nyc

  • YouTube creator
    YouTube creator


  • YT Rxses
    YT Rxses


  • kunama wedi sheraro
    kunama wedi sheraro

    CR7 best champions league final 5 ⚽️🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴👈

  • Priyanshu

    Cristiano Ronaldo pocketing Barcelona

  • JJM Football
    JJM Football

    Can anyone support my channel please I am a small youtuber who uploads football videos ❤️ 😊

  • Ali Njie
    Ali Njie

    The hightlight of this was Karuis facts

  • Thoha Ashraf 7
    Thoha Ashraf 7


  • Peterson Oliveira
    Peterson Oliveira

    Boa tarde Nice amén vai trabalhar

    • soccer fan
      soccer fan

      vamo trabalhar fala pra nice parar de rodar a bolsinha tchau beijos

  • Alcione Rocha
    Alcione Rocha

    Saudades do gajo

    • Devran ._.
      Devran ._.

      No speak portakal

    • soccer fan
      soccer fan

      O gajo era foda no Madrid

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo


    • Cristiano Forever
      Cristiano Forever

      @Bxrstsy he is

    • Cristiano Forever
      Cristiano Forever

      @CRICKET TV absolutely not...cr7 is the best

    • Nico

      @CRICKET TV no

    • XGaMeRiX XGaMeRiX
      XGaMeRiX XGaMeRiX

      @CRICKET TV You Stupid Cristiano Always Was Way Better Than Messi

    • Chalu Creative
      Chalu Creative

      Lol messi is the worlds best futbol player

  • Alcione Rocha
    Alcione Rocha


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