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  • Hieu Nguyen
    Hieu Nguyen

    Neymar looks like baby

  • 陳先生

    C7 is a great player that we can’t deny but in conscience, his actions are very strange⋯

  • Danilo Gallego
    Danilo Gallego

    Y creer que ahora en pleno 2021 Pirlo es entrenador de Cristiano Ronaldo. 👌🏼⚽

  • deomartinez77

    They were trying to force the play through Ronaldinho up the center and he was not only getting doubled but when he did get a pass off it resulted in a turnover almost every time. Zlatan got no service at all. The should have played through the wings or subbed on Robinho sooner. Everybody declines and bad games look way worse when it is tactics that are hurting you as well. CR7 was having his way with the defense too.

  • Maria Tavera
    Maria Tavera

    Who is is 2025

  • Alexander Rodrigues
    Alexander Rodrigues

    You Europeans tend to underestimate the Brazilian team. But don't forget that we are the only team to win all possible titles. We have 5 world cups and 4 confederations cups and several sub 17, 23 cups etc. We are never left out of a world cup. You keep remembering the 7x1, but we won the world cup over Italy, Germany, etc. History Brazil-Germany clash: Brazil 13 wins / Germany: 5 wins. Our country cannot be a power at European level (economically, quality of life, etc.), but in football you have to respect us, just look at history. WE ARE THE COUNTRY OF FOOTBALL.

  • zxch1YT

    So sad😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Sotru

    Mr. Bell's acceleration is phenomenal .

  • Cabrini playz
    Cabrini playz

    -That was a great game for your country/team Erling: what team?

  • Nanda nino
    Nanda nino

    France : make ronaldo have limited angle shoot 👏

  • Simeon Peters
    Simeon Peters

    Pure passion. The drama and everything. It's sad football died.

  • Fahima Dahir
    Fahima Dahir


  • Andres Gallegos
    Andres Gallegos

    To easy no disrespect but Honduras is one of the most horrible national teams in the world

  • ShinräTensie

    6:33 oi oi oi oi

  • Alex Wambua
    Alex Wambua

    At that time I never new bruno😂😂😂but now, , , , brunooooooooo

  • Dj-Inferno

    Break records while breaking hearts

  • Borneo Lawas
    Borneo Lawas


  • Ian Fraser
    Ian Fraser

    He doesn't look very inteligent

  • Probuilder

    he could have had 14 or 15.

  • Deniz Huncho
    Deniz Huncho

    Pepe just said "Fuck you" and Djeko fall down 😂

  • tsirke808

    just another video proving how one dimensional Ronaldo's play style is. Don't get me wrong, he's unbelievably good at it, but it's the same pattern over and over. Neymar and Mbappe have way much more to offer, their precision and immediate danger on goal however is a little bit slacking. Nevertheless, we are so lucky that we can watch these guys play.

  • Aman Abdul Rahim
    Aman Abdul Rahim

    Ronaldo and Ramos el commandante el warrior

  • Shahadat Hossain Hridoy Al
    Shahadat Hossain Hridoy Al

    Best Match Ever

  • shah nabi
    shah nabi

    Ronaldo taught or learned from Neymar and MBappe ? Seemed the other way around lol

  • محمود محمد
    محمود محمد

    لام عليكم انا اسمي محمود من سوريا عايش في لبنان وضعي صعب حق حليب لا بنتي ماعندي اذا في حدا بيقدر يساعدني الله يكتر خيرو بعتذر اذا زعجت حدا بهل تعليق بس غصب عني نشرت هال تعليق ولحمدلله علا كل حال

  • Mark Jordan
    Mark Jordan

    Maybe the Brazilians should spend more time on the training ground as opposed to frequenting twattoo parlours

  • Jorge Enrique Cardenas Avila
    Jorge Enrique Cardenas Avila

    Honduras XD

  • khmer Easter
    khmer Easter


  • Ryo the narwhale
    Ryo the narwhale

    Waw the pressure, rip

  • Ramu Reddy
    Ramu Reddy

    My fan is Thomas Muller

  • Garett Clement
    Garett Clement

    This wasn't a game of football: It was an all-out-war!

  • muhammad aliabdelfattah
    muhammad aliabdelfattah

    Mo salah

  • Yogi Prasetyo
    Yogi Prasetyo

    10:09 gede sekali kwwkwkwk

  • Fajar Apriliyanto
    Fajar Apriliyanto

    Ronaldo injuried.. Then a few years later, ronaldo injury again (agains france)..

  • Yohanes Tahu _Suka-Suka
    Yohanes Tahu _Suka-Suka

    Good Match

  • M Aziz
    M Aziz

    I'm A Biggest Fan Of Mesi But I ❤️ Watching Neymar'S Playing Football ⚽

  • Mayank Choudhary
    Mayank Choudhary

    9:20 referee 🙁🙁

  • bobbyv369

    People need understand that defence don’t always run at full speed, they need to maintain a line otherwise a simple pass can destroy the defence, thus making the running players appear much faster. They maintain a line to slow the attack or to prevent a simple through ball.

  • samkelo sibongakonke
    samkelo sibongakonke

    So many shots on target for brazil , it wasn't their day

  • PO pavan oraon
    PO pavan oraon


  • Tylox

    This is why I don't like Football that much. They are all acting like little drama queens

  • George Gray loves the TDL
    George Gray loves the TDL

    I showed this to my bird it is now a eagle...

  • ባልሽ ባሌክስ
    ባልሽ ባሌክስ

    So who taught who here?


    পুলাপান বেশি ভাব লয়

  • Dr Aashiq Hussain Lone
    Dr Aashiq Hussain Lone

    Kings of Europe: Portugal

  • Mohammed Sirajuddin
    Mohammed Sirajuddin

  • Mohammed Sirajuddin
    Mohammed Sirajuddin

  • Jack wells
    Jack wells

    Great example is Leicester bottom of the league almost getting relegated and came back the next season and no one thought they could but they proved them completely wrong vardy breaking a prem recored

  • Striker Rayz
    Striker Rayz

    4:49 Defenders reaction 🤨 Goalkeeper reaction🤯

  • littlemouse

    I've heard people talk about this penalty and looking at the images it was a penalty. he took a big risk shooting like that it would have been a goal even if Buffon was there.

  • Danny Kwon
    Danny Kwon

    everyones shotpower is 99 in this game

  • Ahmed Sakbir
    Ahmed Sakbir

    This just shows how good Neymar actually is

  • Ronit Dahiya
    Ronit Dahiya

    7:42 My man be like : get off me

  • Arsmor Code
    Arsmor Code

    Main bola jaman dulu ngeri2 yak. Berapa kali tu wasit keluarin kartu kuning. Banyak banget pasti

  • Melina

    Real cr7

  • Melina

    Thank you

  • harrison ngoma
    harrison ngoma

    Neyma is good but ronald is the best

  • Sean Lanns
    Sean Lanns

    But ronaldo is better